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Japanese Comics / Manga Studies Resource Guide

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Manga Resources While Teaching and Learning from Home

The following is an abbreviated list of Japanese websites on comics, graphic novels, and anime, known in Japanese as manga (漫画).  The lists below are based on a much more extensive and well-researched guide compiled by Michiko Ito, Japanese Studies Librarian at the University of Kansas: Note: The websites below may contain adult content that are considered inappropriate for educational reading. 

Open Access Comics

Short manga stories (読み切りの作品) selected by COMIC メテオ
Links to a selection of short and complete comic titles.

マンガ図書館Z = Manga Library Z
Formerly known as J komi, this website provides access to out-of-print comics with authors' permission. All are free.

Sukima (スキマ) is an e-comic store but includes some free comic works and free previews of commercial comics. Registration may be required. This link leads directly to the list of titles which are all free.

日刊月チャン (秋田書店)
Designed for SNS. This is similar to a short comic published in a newspaper. 1 page-length episodes are added and updated frequently.

Finding Manga in Ohio State's library catalog:

You can find managa in OSUL's catalog with any one of these methods

  • Use a mangaka's name or manga title in a catalog search
  • Use manga as a keyword + limit to to language=English in a catalog search
  • Select a genre term from the list linked below and use in a keyword search. Also, limit by location, language, etc

Database & Encyclopedia

Image Use Protocol

Copyright Guidelines for Using Images

Did you know? The images and other media you find online are most likely protected by copyright, regardless of whether any copyright statement is displayed. Copyright protection applies instantly and automatically when a new work is created; no copyright notice or registration is required! 

Learn more about using images legally from this guide: Using Images: Copyright Guidelines for the Use of Images in Education

Japanese Calendrical Systems

Two number systems for years are commonly used in Japan:

  1. Gregorian Calendar - the western calendar year system commonly used in US. e.g. 2015
  2. Nengō 年号 - calendar year system based on the reigns of emperors.e.g. Heisei 27 or 平成二十七年 

Romanization Standards

The libraries follow the romanization standards used in the Library of Congress

Chinese  -  pinyin romanization system, however some older titles still has titles using the Wade-Giles romanization system.

Japanese - Modified Hepburn romanization system

Korean - McCune-Reischauer system