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This LibGuide is designed to highlight news and film information resources for the SPAN 5660 course available through OSUL area studies collections and online.

About the Latin American, Hispanic, Spanish and Portuguese (LAT) Collection: 
The Ohio State University Libraries’ Area Studies Latin American and Iberian collection (LAT) support interdisciplinary research and scholarship pertaining to the peoples and cultures of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries and Indigenous-speaking areas. Our collection is one of the many developed by libraries, museums and other cultural institutions devoted to promoting engagement with this vibrant world region.

News Sources

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Newspapers that publish crónicas include:  

El País; La Vanguardia; El Mundo; El Periódico de Catalunya (España); Reforma; Milenio; La Jornada; Público; Excélsior; El Universal (México); La Nación (Costa Rica); La Prensa Libre (Guatemala); La Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador); La Prensa (Nicaragua); Tiempo (Colombia); El Comercio (Perú); La Tercera; El Mercurio (Chile); El País (Uruguay); Clarín; La Nación; Perfil; Página 12 (Argentina)  

Search for these newspapers online or on the in Press Display, Latin American Newstream, Global Newstream or Factiva databases.

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