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Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean

PBS Black in Latin America

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Black in Latin America

Black in Latin America is a four-part PBS series on the influence of peoples of African descent on the development of Latin American culture, history, and politics.  The series features the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.  Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., producer and host, discusses the legacy of colonialism, slavery, and survival.  Latin America and the Caribbean have the largest concentration of people with African ancestry outside Africa. The region imported over ten times as many slaves as the United States, and kept them in bondage far longer. 

Black In Latin America Book Cover

Gates, Henry L. Black in Latin America. New York: New York University Press, 2011.

Afro-Latinx Databases

Afro-Latinos  Oxford Bibliographies database article provides information on popular culture sociological sources: Introduction, General Overviews, Blackness in Latin America, US Latino Identity and Afro-Latino Invisibility, Historical Analyses, Transnationalism, Autobiographies and Literature, Popular Culture and Representation, Afro-Latina Identities; African American–Latino Politics, Conflict, and Coalition Building; General Overviews, Classic Works, Edited Collections, Journals, Theoretical Perspectives, Cultural Studies, Representation Perspectives, Production Perspectives, Labor Force Issues, Audience Perspectives, and Media Industry.  

African Diaspora, 1860-Present  Primary Source database provides content on the migrations, communities, and ideologies of the African Diaspora through the voices of people of African descent. With a focus on communities in the Caribbean, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, and France, the collection includes never-before digitized primary source documents, including personal papers, organizational papers, journals, newsletters, court documents, letters, and ephemera.

World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean  Comprehensive resource contains a collection of primary source documents about Latin America and the Caribbean; academic journals and news feeds covering the region; reference articles and commentary; maps and statistics; audio and video. 

Fuente Académica  Database contains scholarly journals from Latin America, Portugal and Spain. All major subject areas are covered with particular emphasis on agriculture, biological sciences, economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, psychology, public administration, religion and sociology.

Latin America in Video The America Latina en Video / América Latina em Vídeo / Latin America in Video provides researchers of Latin American studies, Spanish, and Portuguese a visual comprehensive perspective of the region. 

EBSCOHost Databases  A multi-interdisciplinary suite of databases covering the arts, humanities, law, life and health sciences, social sciences, science and technology. Databases contain content from popular magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, documents, books, reports, conference proceedings, and other digital media. Features Open Cluster Searching. Select Academic Search Complete.

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