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Welcome to the Anti-racism LibGuide. This guide provides resources for anti-racism research, advocacy, and activism. Feel free to ask questions or suggest additions.  

Hilary BussellLeta Hendricks, and Stephanie Porrata.

Anti-racism LibGuide Authors

Hilary Bussell

Assistant Professor & Social Sciences Librarian

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Leta Hendricks

Assistant Professor, African American Studies Librarian and Comparative Studies Librarian

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Stephanie Porrata

Mary P. Key Diversity Resident Librarian 

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A sign painted on plywood that says Peace, Black Lives Matter, and Power, with peace and power fist symbols.

This guide provides resources for antiracism research, education, and activism. We have included items from the Ohio State University Libraries collection as well as resources from the campus and Central Ohio communities. It is by no means exhaustive and will continue to be updated. If you have questions or suggested additions, feel free to email the guide's creators: Hilary Bussell, Leta Hendricks, and Stephanie Porrata.

A Statement from University Libraries Supporting Black Lives Matter

The Ohio State University Libraries stands with those opposing white supremacy, the systemic racism reflected in the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and the recurring acts of police violence perpetrated against black people in the United States.

We have worked to build an organization that values equity, diversity, inclusion, access and social justice – a library that provides welcoming, supportive environments for all to pursue and share knowledge. But this is not enough. It is not enough to say that we value diversity, equity, and inclusion or speak about it in general terms. We must listen intently, and we must be clear in our words and actions. We must state unambiguously that Black Lives Matter and take concrete actions to bring about systemic change. Ending racism and other inequities in society can only begin when people with privilege commit to understanding and actively countering these realities.

Excerpt from "A Statement from University Libraries Supporting Black Lives Matter." Full Statement