They Are Among Us

Description of Guide

Martyrdom and Visual Cultures 

In this display, four synchronous slideshows juxtapose varied visual cultures of martyrdom and resistance in Turkey and the Islamic world. Together, these images present multiple ways that resistance and martyrdom intertwine, often blurring binaries such as secular / religious and political / artistic within dynamic visual cultures.

Screen One: They are Among Us: Martyrdom in the Gezi Protests

Screen Two: Martyrs in Public Art from the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions

Screen Three: Martyrdom in Islamic Art and Visual Culture 

Screen Four: Popular Visual Culture of Resistance in Modern Turkish History 


This display is preparedby Patrick Visel, Johanna Sellman, and Yeliz Çavuş to accompany Christiane Gruber's September 2016 talk :

"They Are among Us:" Gezi Martyrs, Affective Incarnation, and Resistance in Contemporary Turkey. 


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"Resistance everywhere" : the Gezi protests and dissident visions of Turkey is a JadMag collection of articles on Gezi protest culture edited by Anthony Alessandrini, Nazan Üstündağ, and Emrah Yildiz.

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