Evidence Synthesis in the Social Sciences

This guide will give you an overview of evidence synthesis methodology and discuss relevant resources and tools.

Types of questions evidence syntheses often answer


  • Ask questions that can have results
  • When examining a clinical trial, or other measurable studies use the PICO (TS) method


P  - Patient (diagnosis, age, etc); Population 

I - Intervention; Incident; Exposure

CControl group; Comparison

Outcome; Effect

T - Timeframe or duration (optional)

S - Type of Study (optional)

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Research question frameworks

Research Questions can take up to 2 weeks to decide on, DONT PANIC- it will get formulated- You have done the hard part- start to think about it.

  1.  When thinking of a research question it's very important to ask a question that can be proven with evidence. 
  2. This may include clinical studies and trials


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