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In 2016, the East Asian Studies unite at OSU Libraries received a large donation from EASC's A/V collection. Here is a list of Japanese and Japanese Studies-related titles that were in the collection that we have added and are now available to all campus users.

*some items do not have call numbers, and are instead linked to a streaming source

Title (English)   Call Number
150 Years of US-Japan Relations Past, Present, and Future: Part 1 Promotoing Friendship & Part 2 Strengthening the Partnership   E183.8.J3 A15 2003 DVD 
47 Samurai  Chûshingura   PN1995.9.S24 C485 2002 DVD 
A Taxing Woman's Return   PN1997 .M365252 1999 Videotape  
Akira   PN1997 .A3218 2009 DVD  
An Autumn Afternoon   PN1997 .S2597 2008 DVD 
Big Bird in Japan   PN1992.77 .S43 2004 DVD  
Black Rain   PN1997.2 .K87 2009 DVD  
Castle in the Sky   PN1997.5 .C3875 2010 DVD pt.1-2  
Chikamatsu Monogatari   PN1997 .C45384 1990z Videotape
Chushingura: The 47 Loyal Retainers   PN1995.9.S24 C485 2002 DVD  
Cruel Story of Youth   PN1997 .S3566 1992 Videotape  
Departures   PN1997.2 .D473 2009 DVD
Dodes'ka-Den   PN1998.3.K87 A64 2009 DVD v.3  
Dreams   PN1997 .Y86 2003 DVD c.2  
Drugstore Girl   PN1997.2 .D675 2004 DVD
Early Summer   PN1997 .B328 2004 DVD  
Equinox Flower   PN1997 .H4794 1992 Videotape  
Good Morning   PN1995.9.F35 O42 2000 DVD  
Goyokin   PN1997 .G696 2006 DVD
Harakiri   PN1995.9.S24 H357 2005 DVD pt.1-2  
High and Low   PN1997 .H4966 1998 DVD  
Hiroshima: Why the Bomb Was Dropped   Link here
Ikiru   PN1997 .I363 2004 DVD pt.1-2  
Iyomande: The Ainu Bear Festival   Link here
Japan 2000: Changing Lifestyles   DS822.5 .C45 1994  
Japan 2000: The Future of the Countryside   HD2092 .F88 1994  
Japan 2000: The Hi-Tech Road   Link here
Japan 2000: Against All Odds   Link here
Japan Past and Present: Buddha in the Land of the Kami (7th-12th Centuries)   Link here
Japan: Resources for Understanding As Iwate Goes… Is Culture Local   Link here
Japanese History and Literature: Classical Japan and the Tale of Genji   PL726.1 .J37 1996 Videotape pt.1  
Japanese History and Literature: Medieval Japan and Buddhism in Literature   PL726.1 .J37 1996 Videotape pt.2  
Japanese History and Literature: Tokugawa Japan and Puppet Theater Novels, and the Hiaku of Basaho    PL726.1 .J37 1996 Videotape pt.3  
Japan's Peace Constitution   KNX2070 .J383 2006 DVD 
Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior   PN1997 .K25 1990 Videotape  
Kikujiro   PN1995.9.J34 K54 2000 DVD c.2  
Kitaro   PN1997.2 .G444 2007 DVD
Late Chrysanthemums   PN1997 .B3352 1995 Videotape
Late Spring   PN1995.9.F35 B24 2006 DVD pt.1-2  
Left Handed   PN1995.9.J34 T63 2012 DVD
Linda Linda Linda   PN1995.9.J34 L56 2007 DVD
Makiko's New World   Link here
Nana   PN1997.2 .N363 2006 DVD  
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind   PN1997.5 .K39 2005 DVD pt.1-2 c.2 
Neighborhood Tokyo   Link Here
No Regrets for Our Youth   PN1997 .W244 2007 DVD  
One Wonderful Sunday   PN1997 .S79 2007 DVD  
People's Century: 1900-1999: 1939 Total War   D421 .P46 1998 Videotape v.10 1939, Total war  
Plants on the ICU Campus   QK369 .K39 2004 DVD
Pom Poko   PN1997.5 .P65 2005 DVD pt.1-2
Princess Monoke   PN1997.5 .M66 2000 DVD
Ran   PN1997 .R2351 1986 c.2  
Rashomon   PN1997 .R244 2002 DVD  
Red Beard   PN1997 .A32155 2002 DVD c.2  
Rikyu   PN1997 .R555 2003 DVD  
Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto   PN1995.9.S24 S268 2012 DVD pt.1-3  
Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple   PN1995.9.S24 S268 2012 DVD pt.1-3  
Samurai III:  Duel at Ganryu Island   PN1995.9.S24 S268 2012 DVD pt.1-3  
Sanjuro   PN1998.3.K87 A64 2009 DVD v.20
Sanshiro Sugata   PN1998.3.K87 A64 2009 DVD v.1  
Seven Samurai   PN1997 .K48 2006 DVD pt.1-3
Shall We Dance?   PN1995.9.F67 S43 2005 DVD 
Shodo: The Path of Writing   NK3637.A2 S56 1989 Videotape  
Snow Country   Link Here
Spirited Away    PN1997.5 .S69 2003 DVD pt.1-2
Stray Dog    PN1997 .N6365 2004 DVD  
Tampopo   PN1997 .T265 1998 DVD 
The Bad Sleep Well   PN1997 .W394 2006 DVD  
The Ballad of Narayama   PN1997 .N368 2008 DVD  
The Hidden Fortress   PN1998.3.K87 A64 2009 DVD v.17 
The Human Face of Japan: A Working Couple (Urban Family Life)   Link Here
The Idiot   PN1997 .I3345 2007 DVD  
The Japanese: Farm Song   HQ682 .F27 1997 Videotape  
The Japanese: Full Moon Lunch   HQ682 .F84 1995 Videotape  
The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail   PN1997 .T6348 1998 Videotape
The Realm of the Senses   PN1997 .D294 2009 DVD  
The Sisters of Gion   PN1997 .G496 2008 DVD  
The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum    PN1997 .Z37 1997 Videotape  
The Tokyo Trial: Part 1   D804.J32 T65 2003 DVD pt.1-3  
The Tokyo Trial: Part 2   D804.J32 T65 2003 DVD pt.1-3  
The Tokyo Trial: Part 3   D804.J32 T65 2003 DVD pt.1-3  
The Toyko Trial   D804.J32 T65 2003 DVD pt.1-3  
The World at War: Banzai - Japan Strikes December 1941   D743.23 .W64 2001 DVD v.1  
The World at War: Japan 1941-1945   D743.23 .W64 2004 DVD v.6  
The World at War: The Bomb   D743.23 .W64 2001 DVD v.4  
Throne of Blood   PN1997 .T4846 2003
Tokyo Olympiad   GV722 1964 .I24 1996 
Tokyo Story    PN1997 .T6335 2003 DVD pt.1-2 
Tora-San, His Tender Love   PN1997.A1 O86 2009 DVD pt.1 - 5
Tora-San, Our Loveable Tramp   PN1997.A1 O86 2009 DVD pt.1 - 5
Tora-San's Cherished Mother   PN1997.A1 O86 2009 DVD pt.1 - 5
Tora-San's Grand Scheme   PN1997.A1 O86 2009 DVD pt.1 - 5
Touch the Spirit of Japan   DS894.62 .R45 2003 DVD  
Traffic Jam (Jutai)   PN1997 .J87 1995 Videotape  
Ugetsu   PN1997 .U373 2005 DVD v.1&2 
Under the Flag of the Rising Sun   PN1997 .G865 2005 DVD
Utamaro and His Five Women   PL832.U47 U82 1993 Videotape  
Vengeance is Mine   PN1997 .F776 2007 DVD 
Village of Dreams    PN1995.9.J34 E65 1999 DVD  
Wings of Defeat: Once, we were Kamikaze   D792.J3 W564 2008 DVD 
Woman in the Dunes   PN1997 .S8294 2007 DVD
Yojimbo   PN1997 .Y58 1999 DVD

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