East European and Slavic Studies (EES)

This guide contains recommended resources for doing research in the subject area of East European and Slavic Studies

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The East European and Slavic Studies Collection is located in the Thompson Library. Our collections support scholars of Russian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Slovak studies, research on former states (Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia), as well as comparative and cross-disciplinary inquiry into the entire region of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, Baltic States, Soviet Central Asia and the Balkans

Getting Started

The East European and Slavic Studies Collections at the Ohio State University Libraries are vital to the research, teaching and learning of OSU faculty, students, staff and all residents of Ohio who seek to understand this complex region.

This guide covers a set of high-quality sources of information for Slavic studies that can be a good starting point for your research.

Searching tips for East European and Slavic Materials

Many of the languages of the region use a Cyrillic alphabet. Most online library catalogs and bibliographic indexes in the United States and Europe do not support these alphabets, but use instead a system to render the words in the Roman alphabet. There are several transliteration systems in use that are accepted - and even preferred - by scholars, but libraries (in the US) use a standard established by the Library of Congress. To search successfully for titles in Cyrillic alphabets, you must use this system

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