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Linking to Library Licensed Resources


This guide has been adapted with permission from one created by Boston College University Libraries and is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution  

Streaming Video

The Libraries has many streaming video and music sources.  Individual films can be found in the library catalog by title or you can search streaming databases.  Most of the databases allow you to link to the entire film or to clips.

Linking to Videos and Video Segments

Streaming media sources may provide permalinks and code for embedding video inside another site.


NOTE: Because Canvas is a secure site, with https:// as its URL prefix, the video embed code needs to reference https:// content in order to display inside your course. When using embed codes for media sources that don't create https:// addresses, you may have to manually change the portion of the embed code that reads src="http://..." to src="https://..."


Examples from Alexander Street Press and Films on Demand:


Alexander Street Press

Identify a video or a video track.Alexander Street Press

Click on the Embed linkicon at the bottom of the video or track playback display

A new window will open displaying a URL of the permalink for the whole video or specific track with our proxy information.


The Permalink and Embed code for Alexander Street Press



Films on Demand

Films on Demand

Identify a film or film segment.  Click on "Share" to open a box with a direct links and embed codes.




Off-Campus Linking

In addition to using the permalink or stable URL, you must also use the proxy string in front of the URL, which will prompt a user to login if off campus and not already logged in. (Note: If you are logged in through the proxy server, the proxy string might already be present and you may just copy the url.)

Our proxy string is

A sample URL containing the proxy string looks like this:

To add the proxy string to your resource's URL, please use the Off-Campus Linking Tool in the sidebar.

Contact Us for Help

To request resources not available through Ohio State University Libraries or for assistance with stable URLs or proxy links, please contact your subject librarian

Off-Campus Linking Tool

Enter a library resource URL in the box, and the proxy prefix will be added to the URL.  e.g.

The new URL will display above the box. Copy & Paste or click it to open in a new window.