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What are you doing? I'm publishing my first paper and I need to pick my author name.  Should I use my middle name? or just the Initial? A second last name?  It's the name I'll be known as in all the history books.  If I don't pick something unique, people might confuse me with another author.  Wouldn't that increase your impact factor?  Bob Smith it is!

"Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham

Researcher Identification Systems

ORCID identifier - provides a persistent digital identifier that is independent of any institution or proprietary system.  An ORCID iD is increasingly a requirement for submissions to journals and funding agencies and can be used with other systems to gather and display your work.

Register for an ORCID iD.


Web of Science Researcher Profile and Scopus Author Identifier can be connected to your ORCID ID.


If you have more questions about connecting your ORCID iD to other systems, additional resources from University Libraries are available:

The Value of Using Unique Identifiers for Researchers pdf at

Distinguish Yourself


Author "name ambiguity" is a big problem in the research community, with many researchers having the same or similar names.  Unique author identifier systems have been developed to address this problem.  Some advantages to registering for a unique identifier are

  • to distinguish your work from that of other authors
  • to link your works together when calculating research metrics
  • to make it easier to link your work to researcher profile systems
  • to link your works together when you have published under a different name or variations of the same name
  • some journals and funding agencies have begun to require ORCID IDs when making submissions.


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