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Ohio Branches of Government
Ohio Laws and Legislation
Ohio Facts
Other States
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Although the primary focus of this section is on the State of Ohio resources, there are links to other state governments.  As with the federal documents increasingly state agencies are publishing electronically and OSUL is adding electronic content daily.

 Ohio Branches of Government

Executive Branch

Office of the Governor.  Links to the Governor’s office, Cabinet, etc.

Attorney General.  Legal advisor to the state government; representing the interests of the State, providing legal opinions to state officials, prepares all state contracts, maintains records and prepares an annual report to the General Assembly, etc.  Has links about scams, sex offenders, missing persons, etc.

Auditor of State.  Access to public information on results of mandated audits of public offices in Ohio, including cities, counties, villages, townships, schools, state universities and public libraries as well as all state agencies, boards and commissions, fraud and reporting, etc. 

Secretary of State.  Information on business filings, legislation and ballot issues, campaign finances, business services, etc.

State Agencies Contact List.  Contact information for State of Ohio Agencies, boards, services, etc. Includes some information about email addresses and fax numbers, but mostly contact information is phone numbers. 

State and Local Government on the Net (Ohio).  Contains links to Ohio agencies’, boards’ and Commissions’ websites, etc.

Treasurer of State.  Responsible for safeguarding the tax money of the people of Ohio, protecting and investing state funds while providing innovative financial education and resources.

Legislative Branch

Ohio House of Representatives.  Information on representatives, committees, legislation, etc. for the state of Ohio. 

Ohio Senate.  Information on senators, committees, and legislation for the state of Ohio. 

The Ohio Legislature.  Links to the budget, pending legislation, enacted laws, the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Administrative Code, Senate and House journals, the Ohio Constitution, and other publications of the Ohio Legislature.  Can search for specific legislation.

Judicial Branch

Supreme Court of Ohio and the Ohio Judicial System.  Contains case information, Ohio laws and Rulings of Court, etc. 

Ohio Courts of Appeals.  Contains information on judges, opinions, etc. for each of the 12 districts. 

The Supreme Court of Ohio & The Ohio Judicial System (Ohio Trial Courts & Local Rules).  Provides links to all the Common Pleas Courts in the state by county, plus links to Municipal and County courts within each county.

Ohio Common Pleas (State Courts).  Links to Ohio's 85 Common Pleas courts by county.


 Ohio Laws and Legislation

Administrative Code (Ohio).  The Administrative Code of the State of Ohio. 

Constitution (State of Ohio).  Searchable version of Ohio’s Constitution.

Ohio Revised Code.  The Revised Code of the State of Ohio. 

Register of Ohio.  Provides public notice of State of Ohio Agency rule-making. 


 Ohio Facts

African Americans in Ohio. (Ohio History Connection)  Selection of manuscripts, printed text, and images covering the time period of 1850-1920 from the collections of the Ohio Historical Society, etc.

Along the Ohio Trail a Short History of Ohio Lands.  Tanya West Dean and W. David Speas.  Columbus, Ohio:  Auditor of State, 2003.  History of the original land treaties, surveys, and subdivisions used by many to researcher the origins of Ohio. 

The Official Ohio Lands Book.  George W. Knepper.  Columbus, Ohio:  Auditor of State, 2002.  Comprehensive history of the state, covering such topics as land development, Ohio as a social laboratory, indigenous peoples, etc.  

Ohio Department of Development.  Office of Research.  Reports.  Data, etc. on, major employers, school districts, gross state product, demographics, economic trends, etc. for Ohio and its counties.  Over 330 datasets are currently available.

Ohio History Connection (formerly the Ohio Historical Society)  Collects, preserves, and makes available to the public written and graphic information, etc. concerning Ohio’s history.  

Ohio Memory Project.  Collaborative digital library developed by the Ohio History Connection (Ohio Historical Society) and the State Library of Ohio with over 26,000 primary sources from 330 archives, historical societies, libraries, and museums that document Ohio’s past from prehistory through the present.

Quick Facts about the State of Ohio.  Ohio’s history, government structure, and other facts about the state.

The Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers at the Library of Congress.  Collection of the documents, photographs, etc. of Wilbur and Orville Wright from 1881-1952 held by the Library of Congress.


 Other States

Almanac of the 50 States.  Burlington, Vermont:  Information Publications, 1985-.  Has Statistical and demographic data, rankings, etc. for each state.

Book of the States.  Lexington, Kentucky:  Council of State Governments, 1935-. Available:  OSUL or Online.  Information on state government, constitutions, laws, etc.  Online editions available from 1935-.

Census of Government:  Individual State Descriptions.  Washington, D.C.:   U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census.  Taken every 5 years.  Provides for each state information on how they are organized on a state and local level.  2002  2007  2012  2017

Current Governors. (National Governors Association)   Provides links to each state's governor’s official web site and the state’s official web site plus contact and biographical information on current governor, and former governors.  Information on each of the fifty states, including links to vital records, DMV’s, colleges and universities, famous people born in the state, etc.

Find Contact Information for Government Offices in Your Area.  ( Find local government offices in a specific state, county or city.

Guide to Law Online:  US States and Territories.  (Library of Congress) Provides links to free online legal resources for each state and territory focusing on their constitutions, branches of government, legal guides, etc.

Quick Facts.  (United States Census Bureau) Statistics for states, etc.

State Governments.  (USAGov) Covers all 50 states and U.S. Territories with links to state websites sorted by broad topical areas such as Tourism, Natural Resources, Transportation, Social Services, etc.

State Legislative History Research Guides Inventory:  Introduction.  (Indiana University - Bloomington. Maurer School of Law. Jerome Hall Library) An index of state legislatures and legislative guides, information compiling legislative histories, etc.

State Profiles:  The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State.  Lanham, Maryland:  Bernan Press, 1999-.  Information on state rankings, population, economy, agriculture, education, health, etc.


 Further Reading

Congressional Quarterly’s Desk Reference on the States.  Bruce Wetterau.  Washington, D.C.:  Congressional Quarterly, 1999.  Somewhat dated.  Contains information on state’s executive, legislative, and judicial branches, etc. 

Governors' Powers and Authority.  (National Governors Association) General overview of the powers, authority, qualifications, etc. of a state governors.

Guidebook for Ohio Legislators.  (Ohio Legislative Service Commission) Reference tool explaining the Ohio legislature and state government in general works.

Judicial System Structure.  (The Supreme Court of Ohio & the Ohio Judicial System)  Overview of the structure of the Ohio judicial structure, etc.

The Supreme Court of Ohio & the Ohio Judicial System.  Columbus, Ohio:  Supreme Court of Ohio, Office of Public Information, 2015.  Although somewhat dated provides an overview of the duties of the Supreme Court of Ohio and Ohio's judicial system.