CHEM General

Steps for Using the CRC

Follow these steps to use the online version of the CRC to determine physical properties such as solubility for an inorganic or organic compound.

1.  Access the CRC online.

2.  Search for the name or formula using the search box.

3.  Your results from the search should include a link to either "Physical Constants for Inorganic Compounds" or "Physical Constants for Organic Compounds."  Click on the link and you should be presented with a table that provides information on things such as boiling point, melting point, and solubility (example of a search for NaCl is shown below).

Use the sliding bar to view information on the right side of the table.  For example, this table indicates that the solubility of NaCl at 25 C is 36.0 g/100 g water.  It also indicates that NaCl is slightly soluble in ethanol (EtOH).  For most results you will need to know the common abbreviations used by the CRC:  CRC Abbreviations