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Below are some basic instructions for establishing and using a free Endnote Web account.  Additional information can be obtained through the Endnote training page.

To establish an Endnote account:

1.  Go to Web of Science (use this link, if you "Google" to get there, you'll go to the wrong site)

 2.  Register for an Endnote account.

   Within Web of Science, click on "Products" in the upper, right black toolbar.  Choose "Endnote." Then click on the Register button.

(If you experience difficulties with the above two steps, try using a different browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari). Another possible alternative is to register at this link:

3.  After you have established your account, you will need to install the “Cite while you write” plug-in on the computer(s) you will be using.

   a.  Sign in to Endnote (within Web of Science, click on "Products" in the upper, right black toolbar, choose "Endnote," and log in). 

   b.  Click on the Format tab and then on the “Cite while you Write Plug-in” link.

   c.  Follow the instructions for installation.

4.  Once the plug-in is installed, when you open Word, within a Word document there should be an Endnote tab in the upper toolbar.  This tab will not appear in Word unless you have properly installed the plug-in.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The default setting for the "Cite-While-you-Write Plug-in" assumes you purchased and installed Endnote on your computer.  If you will be using the free web version, you must change the settings in Word as follows:

   (i)  Windows:  Click on Endnote tab (in Word), click on Preferences, click on Applications tab, choose "Endnote online" from the dropdown menu as your "application"

   (ii)  Mac:  From Endnote toolbar, click on Tools, Endnote Cite-While-You-Write preferences, choose "Endnote Web" (or "Endnote online") as your "application"

Most databases allow you to export citations directly to Endnote, so you can build your own library of citations. 

   a. To export a citation from Web of Science, place a checkmark next to the article you wish to export, click the "Export" button at the top of the search results, choose EndNote Online from the dropdown menu, click on the "Export" button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

   b.  To export a citation from a database other than  Web of Science, follow the instructions provided within the database (most databases provide a straightforward process).  

    c.  If you wish to enter a citation manually in Endnote, from within Endnote, click “Collect” tab, then “New Reference” link.

    d.  Endnote also allows you to organize (Organize tab) your citations into folders.

 5.  Endnote allows you to use a variety of styles (formats) for bibliographies.  To add a style:

   a.  Choose the Format tab

   b.   Click on "Select Favorites" link (next to Bibliographic style).

   c.   Copy the style(s) that you want to the “My Favorites” list.

When you are in Word, you can choose the Style you wish to use from the Endnote toolbar.

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