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In addition to OhioLINK, OSU users have access to (and free delivery of) millions of books, DVDs, and CDs from public libraries throughout the state.  SearchOhio is a network of 20 public libraries.  The Columbus Metropolitan Library is ranked as one of the top nationwide libraries. 

Details for using SearchOhio and Columbus Metropolitan Library.


What is OhioLINK?

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OhioLINK provides OSU users with free access to and delivery from academic libraries all over the state of Ohio.  (Books, journals, databases, videos, dissertations, etc.)  The Ohio Library and Information Network, OhioLINK, is a consortium of Ohio college and university libraries, and the State Library of Ohio, that work together to provide Ohio students, faculty and researchers with the information they need for teaching, learning, and research. More on OhioLINK.

NOTE:  OhioLINK e-books do not always appear in an OSU catalog search (even if users click the OhioLINK catalog button).  This is important to know because OhioLINK has an extremely large collection of e‑books.  Therefore, when searching for an e‑book, it is best to search both the OSU catalog and the OhioLINK e-book catalog.

 Delivery of OhioLINK Material.  When you request an item from OhioLINK, you choose where it should be delivered:  for pickup at an OSU Library (Thompson, 18L, BPL, etc.) or to your office, lab or dorm.  Delivery typically takes 3-5 days.  You can monitor the process through Your OSU Library Account information. 


OhioLINK Circulation Policies

OhioLINK maintains separate circulation policies and fines.  Information on OhioLINK circulation policies.

More on OhioLINK

Look for the blue OhioLINK catalog button when you are searching for a book in the OSU Catalog. If the book is not in the OSU collection or if it's checked out, simply click on the button to see if anyone else in Ohio has the book.  

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If an OhioLINK library has the book, you can request it (free) and have it delivered to your office, dorm, or for pick-up at an OSU Library.  Just follow the prompts.