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Jennifer Kempton

Jennifer Kempton
Founder of Survivors Ink (SI)
April 20, 1982 - May 18, 2017

Jennifer Kempton was a survivor of child abuse, rape, sex slavery, and drug addiction who used her experiences to be a successful advocate of social change.  She survived branding, heroin, hooking and humiliation at the hands of Ohio human traffickers. After ten years of slavery, she escaped, spent 18 months in rehab, and later worked for Freedom a la Cart, a catering kitchen that employs human trafficking survivors. However, she found true liberation in the removal and augmentation of branding (ownership) tattoos from her body.  In 2014, she formed Survivor's Ink (SI), a 501c3 organization that empowers human trafficking survivors with the removal of physical scars, markings, and brandings. SI expanded its’ mission by offering counseling, outreach, and partnering with anti-trafficking coalitions.  Outreach activities include the distribution of blankets, clothing, and hygiene products to the victims of human trafficking. Survivor's Ink continues to be an advocate for human trafficking victims and a supporter of human trafficking survivors.

On January 13th 2016, “Survivor’s Ink, with Jennifer Kempton” was the second Tuesday @ Thompson’s program, sponsored by University Libraries. Jennifer shared the story of her organization and its impact on the lives of human trafficking survivors. She also shared her own personal story, of how victims of human tracking can reclaim their bodies and empower themselves with a network of friends and support groups.

Jennifer Kempton will not be forgotten. Her legacy lives on in the organization she founded and the people she saved.

Image by Almudena Toral,

Image From "How This Human Trafficking Survivor is Turning Victim Brands into Art " By Allison Haskins
The Tab, October 10, 2016  human-trafficking-victim-

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