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The Basics

About Theses and Dissertations

This guide covers how to obtain theses and dissertations, which are longer (often book-length) documents usually written by students as a degree requirement. These are most often associated with masters and doctoral degrees, but honors and senior theses also exist. "Thesis" (plural "theses") is often generically used for all levels, but "dissertations" is usually associated just with doctoral level documents.


To the left, you will see options to search for theses and dissertations divided up into categories (OSU, Ohio, and Worldwide).  Choose these options depending on your need.  Below you will see quick answers to the most common questions from those seeking theses and dissertations. These questions are also answered in more detail by the linked pages to the left.


Where can search for OSU theses and dissertations?


Where can I search for theses and dissertations from other colleges and universities?


Can I get a PDF of an OSU thesis or dissertation that is only in print? Even if I'm not currently associated with Ohio State?



Need more help? See the additional pages to the left or contact dotson.77@osu.edu.