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     The information about this display, which at one time was in the Geology Library, is a historical snapshot of the display guide, and will not be updated. We hope you continue to enjoy the images and information about this display case and its contents.


Moons of our Solar System:

Welcome to the guide to accompany the new corner display inside the Orton Memorial Library of Geology.  The inspiration for this display are the recently purchased globes of Jupiter's moons:  Europa, and Io; and Saturn's moon Titan. 

The physical display includes maps of Neptune's moon Triton, and Uranus's moon Miranda.  There is also a photograph of Pluto's moon Charon taken by NASA's New Horizons probe that includes a QR code to this guide.  Also included is information about our own moon, e-book covers with QR codes so that the viewer can find the item records in our Library Catalog, print maps of many other moon's of our solar system, and print books including a book with a chapter about Io's volcanoes.


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