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Guide to researching button (fastener) history and collecting.


Welcome to the Historic Button Research Site, your information gateway for research, teaching, and learning.  Feel free to contact me for your research and classroom needs.                                                                                          Leta Hendricks

Button, Button: A Selected Bibliography

Edwards, Nina. On the Button: The Significance of an Ordinary Item. London: Tauris, 2012.

Compiled by Ms. Leta Hendricks


The purpose of this selected bibliography is to assist The Ohio State University Libraries' patrons in finding resources on buttons. This bibliography is organized alphabetically by topic.  This is not an exhaustive bibliography.  For additional material and/or assistance in using any of these resources, consult a subject librarian.  Most of these resources, are located in the Thompson Library or the Book Depository.  The National Button Society Archives, The Buckeye State Button Society Archives and other special collections are located in Rare Books.

Button Creations. 1001 Buttons: And Other Related Items. Chalfont, Pennsylvania: Button Creations; 1983. Note: 64 p.: ill.: 22 cm. NK3668.5 B875 1983.

A Descriptive Catalog of Pictorial Buttons Worn on Work Clothing, 1900-1935. Adams, Jane Ford and Lillian Smith Albert. Washington, D.C.: National Button Society; 1965. Note: 32 p. ill.; 22 cm. NK3668.5 A43.

The Magic Land of Kate Greenway. Tarbox, Alice T. Southington, Connecticut: Just Buttons; 1968. Note: 64 p.: ill.; 23 cm. NC139 G7 T37.

Political Campaign and Commemorative Buttons: An Illustrated Catalog with Descriptions of the Buttons and Other Campaigns Including the Washington Inaugural Buttons and Other Commemorative and Patriotic Buttons. Albert, Alphaeus Homer. Hightstown, New Jersey: The Author, 1966. Note: A, 76 p.: ill.; 22 cm. 
NK3670 A37.

Running Rabbit Video Auctions. Button Auction #11: Closing May 16, 1997. Waverly, TN: Running Rabbit Video Auctions, 1997. Note: 1 videocassette (108 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. + 1 auction list. Describes 300 lots of buttons, including picture buttons and 18th century buttons for auction. NK3668.5 A43.

Buttons in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum: The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design. Dauterman, Carl C. New York: The Museum; 1982. Note: 31 p.: ill.; 21 cm. NK3670 B87 1982.

Buttons of the Confederacy: A Descriptive and Illustrated Catalog of the Buttons Worn by the Troops of the Confederates States of America, 1861-65. Albert, Alphaeus Homer. Hightstown, New Jersey: The Author; 1963. Note: xvii, 93 p.: ill.; 23 cm. UC487 A53.

Buttony: The Dorset Heritage. Bright, Mervyn. Dorset: The Old Button Shop; 1971. Note: 16 p.: ill.; 20 cm. 
NK3668.5 B74.

Catalogue of an Important Collection of Early Buttons: Formerly the Property of the Duc de Meppem. Sotheby & Co. London, England; 1961. Note: 33 p.: ill.; 22 cm. NK3668.5 S67 1961.

The Colorful World Of Buttons. Ertell, Viviane Beck. Princeton, New Jersey: Pyne Press; 1973-1; ISBN: 0878610375. Note: xvi, : ill. 43 plates; 29 cm. NK3670 E74.

The Emilio Collection of Military Buttons: American, British, French and Spanish, With Some of Other Countries, and Non-Military, in the Museum of the Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts; A Descriptive Catalog with Historical Notes and Ten Plates Illustrating Two Hundred and Forty Important Specimens. Emilio, Luis Fenollosa. Salem, Massachusetts: The Essex Institute; 1942. Note: xx, 264p.: ill.; 25 cm. 
UC487 E77 1942.

History Written With Pick and Shovel: Military Buttons, Belt-Plates, Badges and Other Relics Excavated torn Colonial, Revolutionary, and War of 1812 Camp Sites by the Field Exploration Committee of the New York Historical Society. Calver, William Louis and Reginald Pelham Bolton. New York: New York Historical Society; 1950. Note: 320 p.: ill. maps; 25 cm. F121 C35.

Photographic Re-Productions of Antique Buttons. Wegener, Helen. Tacoma, Washington: H. Wegener; 1941. Note: 115 p.: ill.; 24 cm. NK3668.5 W45 1941.

The Scrivener's Button Cabinet: A Twentieth Century Clothing Button Collection. Jackson, Sandra. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2009: ISBN: 9781434381941. Note:  vi, 160 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. NK3670 .J23 2009.

Washington Historical Buttons: Washington Inaugural Buttons, and Other Buttons Bearing the Portrait of Washington or Alluding to Him and His Administration. Albert, Alphaeus Homer. Highstown, New Jersey: The Author; 1949. Note: xi, 82 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. NK3670 A375.

About Buttons: A Collectors Guide, 150 A.D. to the Present. Osborne, Peggy Ann. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; 1994; ISBN: 88740-5554. Note: 320p.: ill.; 31 cm. NK3670 O73 1994

All About Buttons, 1761-1980 A Descriptive and Annotated Bibliography of Publications Containing Information About the Making, Wearing, and Collecting of Buttons; Adams, Jane Ford. San Diego, California: The Author; 1981. Note: 53p. ; 23 cm. Z7914 B94 A43

All Because of a Button: Folklore, Fact and Fiction. Lockie, Ellaraine. Haworth, NJ: St. Johann Press, 2000; ISBN: 1878282204. Note: xi, 203 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.                                                                               NK3668.5 .L63 2000  

The Big Book of Buttons. Hughes, Elizabeth and Marion Lester. Sedgwick, Maine: New Leaf Publishers; 1991; ISBN: 0962904600. Note: iv, 813p. :ill ; 29 cm. NK3668.5 H84 1991.

Button Guide Book. Watkins Glen, New York: American Life Foundation; Books are sold and distributed by Century House; 1969. Note: 2 v. : ill.; 22 cm. NK3668.5 B877.

The Button Industry. Jones, W. Unite (William). London (New York): Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. (Lithographed copy); 1924. Note: ix, 113, 23p. : ill. ; 19 cm. 
HD9969 B88 J65 1924A.

The Button Lover's Book. Green, Marilyn V. Radner, Pennsylvania: Chilton Book Company; 1991; ISBN: 0801981840. Note: ix, 181 p. : ill ; 23 cm. NK3668.5 G74 1991.

Buttonhooks and Shoehorns. Brandon, Sue. Aylesbury Bucks: Shire Publications Limited; "1984; ISBN: 0852636962. Note: 32 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. NK4890 B8 B73 1984

Buttons. Epstein, Diana and Millicent Safro. New York : H.N. Abrams; 1991; ISBN: 081093113. Note: 175p. : ill. ; 26 cm. NK3668.5 E665 1991.

Buttons: A Collector's Guide. Houart, Victor. New York: Scribner's; 1977; ISBN: 0684153343. Note: 128p. : ill. ; 22 cm. NK3670 H63 1977.

Buttons & Sew On. James Grove and Sons. Halesowen, England: James Grove and Sons; 1957. Note: 41p. : ill. ; 26 cm. TS2301 B9 J35.

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons. Luscomb, Sally C. New York: Crown Publishers; 1967. Note: xii, 242 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. NK3670 L79.

The Complete Button Book. Albert, Lilian Smith. Garden City, New York: Doubleday; 1949. Note: xix, 409 p. : ill. ; 27 cm. NK3670 A4.

The Encyclopedia of Collectibles: Buttons to Chess Sets. Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books; 1978. Note: 160 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. NK1125 E53.

The Evolution of Fastening Devices: From Bone Pin to the Koh-l-Noor Kover-Zip. Manchester, Herbert. Long Island, New York: Waldes Koh-i-nor, 1938. Note: 40 p. : M. ; 22 cm. GT235O M26 1938.

The Romance of Pearls: And Their Manufacture Into "Lady Washington" Pearl Buttons, Washington, Iowa: American Pearl Button Company; . Note: 16p. : ill. ; 23 cm. TS2301 B9 R65.

American Military Button Makers and Dealers: Their Backmarks & Dates, Revised Edition. McGuinn, William F. and Bruce S. Bazelon. Mc Lean, Virginia: W.F. McGuinn; 1984. Note: 12 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. UC487 M45 1984.

Backs of Buttons. Brown, Dorothy Foster and George Elbert Adams. Glocester, Rhode Island: Adams; 1946. Note: 42p. : ill. ; 23 cm. NK3670 B68.

Black Glass Buttons.  Jones, Nora Owens and Edith Mattison Fuoss. Ypsilanti, Michigan: University Lithoprinters; 1945. Note: vii, 150p. : ill. ; 23 cm. NK5440 B86 J64.

Button Mounts. Rodway, Edith A. Somerville, Massachusetts: The Author, Note: 1 v. : ill.: 21 cm. 
NK3668.5 R62 1900Z.

Buttons Are Art. Jarvis, Louise Huntington. Grand Rapids: Wobbema & Son, Printers; 1945. Note: -98-p. : ill. ; 25 cm. NK3670 J37.

Buttons: Art in Miniature. Schiff, Stefan O. Berkeley, California: Lancaster-Miller, 1979; ISBN: 0895810131. Note: 74 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. NK3670 S3.

Check List Calico Buttons. Morgan, Wilfred B. South Hanover, Massachusetts: The Author, 1940. Note: 3v. : ill. ; 18 cm.  NK3670 M67. 

A Classification of Pearl and Shell Buttons: Kelso, Margaret F. and Ellen A. Coolidge, editor. National Button Society; 1971. Note: 62 p.: ill. ; 22 cm. NK3668.5 K45.

A Collector's Guide to Peasant Silver Buttons: An Illustrated Guide to Three Centuries of Souvenir and Peasant Silver Buttons from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Perry, Jane. Raleigh, NC: Lulu, 2007; ISBN: 9781847998507. Note: 186 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. NK8459.B88 P47 2007.

Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons. Lamm, Ruth Beatrice and Lester Lorah, and Helen W. Schuler. n.p.: National Button Society of America; 1970. Note: A, 151 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. NK3670 G85.

Picture Buttons of the Past. Swenson, Evelyn. Stratford, Connecticut: New England Pub. Co; 1978; ISBN: 0932268080. Note: 47 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. NK3668.5 S84 1978.

Return Engagement of Black Glass Buttons. Smith, Caroline and Edith E. Fuoss. Ypsilanti, Michigan: University Lithhoprinters; 1952. Note: viii, 144 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. HD9969 B88 S64 1952.

Set and Non-Set. Tacoma, Washington: Packard, E. Goofies; 1951.  Note: 2 v. : chiefly ill. ; 20 cm. 
NK3670 P32 1951.

Button Classics. Couse, Laura Erwina (Blanchard) and Marguerite Maple. Chicago: Lightner Publishing Company; 1941. Note: 249 p. : ill. ; 30 cm. NK3670 C68.

A Button Collectors Journal. Albert, Lilian Smith. Highstown, Now Jersey: The Author, 1941. Note: 111 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. NK3670 376.

A Button Collectors Second Journal. Albert, Lillian Smith. Highstown, New Jersey; Yardley, Pennsylvania: The Cook Printers ; 1941. Note: 333 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. NK3670 A3764.

Button Heritage. Chamberlin, Erwina and Minerva Miner. Sherburne, New York: Fay Edward Faulkner Print Company; 1967. Note: 247 p. : ill.; 30 cm. NK3670 C43.

Button Heritage, Revised Edition Sherburne. Chamberlin, Erwina. New York: Faulkner Printing Company; 1976. Note: 247 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.

Button Parade: A Book Of Button Groupings Drawn and Described by Dorothy Foster Brown. Brown Dorothy Foster. Chicago: Lightner Publishing Co.; 1942. Note: 111 p. : ill. ; 30 cm. NK3670 B7 1942.

Button Parade: A Book of Button Groupings Drawn and Described, 2nd ed. Brown, Dorothy Foster. Chicago: Lightner Publishing Company; 1942. Note: 143 p. : ill. ; 30 cm. NK3670 B7 1942B.

Button Parade: A Book of Button Groupings, New Enlarged and Revised. Brown, Dorothy Foster. Leon, Iowa: Mid-America Book Company; 1968. Note: 270 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. NK3670 B7 1968.

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NK3670 N6.

Button Hand Book. Nicholls, Florence Zacharie Ellis. Supplement; Comparative Values, Serial Numbers : The Author; 1944. Note: Update of the 1943 edition. NK3670 N6 SUPPL.

The Button String. Shull, Thelma. Chicago: Lightner Publishing Company; 1942. Note: 71 p.: ill. ; 30 cm. 
NK3670 S58.

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On the Button: The Significance of an Ordinary Item. Edwards, Nina. London: Tauris, 2012; ISBN-10: 1848855842. Note: xxviii, 260 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.                                                                                       TS2301.B9 E48 2012 

Supplement II and Index to Nicholls Button Books, Nicholls, Florence Zacharie Ellis; 1945. Ithaca, New York: Art Craft of Ithaca, Inc.; 1945. Note: 50 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. NK3670 N6 SUPPL.2.

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NK3668.5 N382.


National Button Society Archives, 1937-present. SPEC.RARE.CMS.389; Thompson Library Rare Books. Archival collections of the Columbus Fibulatics, Buckeye State Button Society, and National Button Society. Arranged into 9 series: 1. Historical documents incorporation, by-laws and setting up an archive. 2. National Button Society and local organizations, annual meetings and other smaller gatherings registers, buttons. 3. Oversize items. 4. Items donated by members. 5. Buckeye State Button Society papers. 6. Items donated by Buckeye State Button Society members. 7. New Jersey State Button Society. 8. General button collecting materials. 9. Scrapbooks

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