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Accessing items

You'll see some important buttons while using the OSU Libraries resouces. Especially important are these 4:


Request this item button

Where: OSU Library Catalog.

What: Have an item sent to another location for pickup or recall an item checked out.


OhioLINK Catalog button

Where: OSU Library Catalog.

What: Check for access of an individual item via OhioLINK - such as an item checked out at OSU. Also repeats searches in the OHioLINK catalog to see additional options for your need.


request button

Where: OhioLINK Catalog

What: Click to have an item delivered to OSU from an OhioLINK library.


Find It! button

Where: Library Databases

What: Check for online access to journal articles, conference papers, and more. Also gives interlibrary loan option if item is not available online.


Finding Articles

Citation databases allow you to see for each article the items it cited and also the items that have cited it.  If you find a great article, use these databases to move both back and forward in time from that article.

Recommended E-books

Recommended Videos: Algebra and Composition of Functions

Recommended Videos: Introduction to Polynomial Functions

Recommended Videos: Division of Polynomials and The Remainder and Factor Theorems

Recommended Videos: Zeros of Polynomials

Recommended Videos: Rational Functions

Recommended Videos: Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

Recommended Videos: Properties of Logarithms

Recommended Videos: Angles and Their Measure

Recommended Videos: Trigonometric Functions of any Angle

Recommended Videos: Trigonometric Functions and The Unit Circle

Recommended Videos: Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions

Recommended Videos: Graphs of Other Trigonometric Functions.

Recommended Videos: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Recommended Videos: Fundamental Trigonometric Identities

Recommended Videos: Sum and Difference Formulas

Recommended Videos: Double-Angle and Half-Angle Formulas.

Recommended Videos: Trigonometric Equations.

Recommended Videos: The Law of Sines.

Recommended Videos: The Law of Cosines

Recommended Videos: Complex Numbers in Polar Form

Recommended Videos: Vectors

Recommended Videos: Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables

Recommended Videos: The Ellipse

Recommended Videos: The Hyperbola

Recommended Videos: The Parabola


Other Book Sources

The OSU Library Catalog has subject headings.  If you had found a good book on your topic, examine the subject headings for that book below the location/call number box.  You can click on these to see other items with that subject ot you can search subject directly as follows.


"History" is a subdivision of a subject that can be added after any other term. Examples: Format: branch--history. Clickable examples:

For mathematics history in a country, region, use for format mathematics--country/region--history Examples: