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Below you will see information about the research output of regular faculty from The Ohio State University's Department of Statistics. This information is current as of February 2023. Information based upon data retrieved from Scopus.  Links provided to content are for Ohio State user access.

Scroll below to see information about the top-cited titles and collaboration information. To the right, are the journals in which faculty most often published.

Recent Publication


These are the 25 most recent publications (Scopus, as of February 2023) from Statistics faculty. Click to access (may require off-campus sign in).

Most Cited Journal Articles

These are the 25 most cited journal articles (Scopus, as of February 2023) from Statistics faculty. Click to access (may require off-campus sign in).


Co-Authors' Countries

Statistics faculty have worked with coauthors from across the globe.  Here are collaborators' countries as of February 2023.

The map is colored coded by the number of documents matching for four ranges. Here are the countries and their ranges: United States	50+ United Kingdom	10-49 Canada	10-49 Australia	10-49 China	10-49 France	10-49 South Korea	10-49 Italy	10-49 Germany	10-49 Norway	2-9 Sweden	2-9 Ireland	2-9 Taiwan	2-9 New Zealand	2-9 Saudi Arabia	2-9 Turkey	2-9 Hong Kong	2-9 Iceland	2-9 India	2-9 Japan	2-9 Kenya	2-9 Austria	2-9 Netherlands	2-9 Switzerland	2-9 Tanzania	2-9 Uganda	2-9 Belgium	1 Brazil	1 Chile	1 Colombia	1 Cyprus	1 Czech Republic	1 Egypt	1 Finland	1 Indonesia	1 Iran	1 Israel	1 Russian Federation	1 Singapore	1 South Africa	1 Tunisia	1 Viet Nam	1

Examining the documents published by Statisticsfaculty, institutions with more than 5 documents are mapped below.


As indicated above, this map has institutions with more than 5 documents mapped. Most are in US, Canada, and Western Europe, with a few in Australia and Southeast Asia. None are elsewhere.

Popular Sources

Below are the top sources in which Statistics faculty are publishing. Click the link to visit the title online.

Popular Journals