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Sampling, Summary measures, Graphical Plots

Probability Rules, Equally likely outcomes


Conditional Probability, independence


Discrete Random Variables, Probability mass function, cmf



Expected Values & variances



Continuous RVs, density & distribution functions


Means and variances of continuous RVs


Random sample, sample mean, propagation of error


Binomial distribution


Normal (Gaussian) distribution


Linear combination of normal RVs; normal prob. plots


Central Limit Theorem; Normal binomial


Confidence int. for mean of normal pop, var. known


Sample size calc.



t intervals for means of normal pop




Hypothesis tests for population means; large sample



Significance levels; p-values



t-tests, Power





Two-sample t-tests and confidence intervals



Two-sample t-tests and CIs; One-way ANOVA, F-test


One factor experiments; Randomization, F-test; ANOVA


Two factor experiments two-way ANOVA, Blocking


Randomized complete block design; 2p factorial expts.


2p factorial expts; Prob. plots; Main effects


Fractional Factorial Design

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