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Streaming Media and Online Images

Questions about streaming media?

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Getting Started

What is streaming media?
Streaming media is content you can access online, without having to download it to your computer. The streaming content can be audio, video or static images.

How do I use this guide?
This guide provides information about online sources for streaming content licensed by the Ohio State University Libraries, divided by category: video, audio, images and multimedia. The multimedia page includes sources that provide streaming content in more than one category, or which provide content that does not fit within the video, audio or image categories. 

Can I access the content if I am off-campus, or not a member of the OSU community?
Many of the sources of streaming media listed in this guide are limited to the Ohio State community. Members of the OSU community can use their ID to sign in to access these sources when they are off campus.

Copyright Guidelines

Did you know? The images and other media you find online are most likely protected by copyright, regardless of whether any copyright statement is displayed. Copyright protection applies instantly and automatically when a new work is created; no copyright notice or registration is required! 

Learn more about using images legally from this guide: Using Images: Copyright Guidelines for the Use of Images in Education