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Streaming Media and Online Images

Getting Started

How do I use this guide?
This guide provides information about online sources for streaming content licensed by the Ohio State University Libraries. Streaming media is not downloadable.

Can I access the content if I am off-campus, or not a member of the OSU community?
Many of the sources of streaming media listed in this guide are limited to the Ohio State community. Members of the OSU community can use their ID to sign in to access these sources when they are off campus.

FAQ for Recent Kanopy Changes

What streaming films via Kanopy will still be available?

We have invested in three-year licenses to all films currently available from these three, high-use and high-demand distributors: Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation, and California Newsreel. In addition, any film that was triggered via the PDA model before 7/22/20 within its one-year license term will be available until that term ends.


How will Kanopy films be accessible?

Catalog records will remain (and be added) for any film title to which we have an active license. Film titles that we do not have an active license to will be removed from the catalog. The Kanopy platform will remain accessible to the entire campus community. Films we have an active license to will be viewable in their entirety through the Kanopy platform. Films we do not have an active license to will be available for a brief preview and then require a form to request mediated access to the film.


What are the requirements for mediated access?

We will be prioritizing access to Kanopy films for curricular and research needs. Course instructors, faculty, grad students, and staff who request access to a film to support curricular or research needs will be provided access. Undergraduate students who identify a need for access to a title must include the course name/number and course instructor information in the request form.


What is the time frame for access to a film to be made available?

Access is not instantaneous, and this is not a 24/7 service since each request must be mediated by staff. Every effort will be made to have access to the requested film available with 72 hours of receiving the request. Any additional information needed from the requester may impact the turnaround time of the request.


If a film was requested by a course instructor for use in a previous semester, will it still be available?

If we are currently within the one-year license term for the film, it will continue to be available until the end of the term. However, once the license term has expired access would need to be requested again. Any course instructors who used a film via Kanopy in a fall 2019 course who would like to ensure uninterrupted access and availability of the film for a fall 2020 course should fill out the Streaming Video request form as soon as possible.


What if I want to browse and watch a film on Kanopy that is not for a curricular or research need (i.e. for pleasure, personal interest)?

Kanopy is available via the Columbus Metropolitan Library system for anyone who resides in the state of Ohio. Accounts can be created online.


Why was the change from the PDA model to the mediated model for Kanopy content necessary?

The Kanopy PDA model was initially part of a three-year pilot of three streaming media platforms (alongside Swank and DocuSeek2), which began in July 2016. After a review of the pilot by a task force in spring 2019, we decided to continue the PDA model for at least another year as the popularity of Kanopy steadily, and then sharply increased, over the term of the pilot period. This past year we saw even sharper increases in titles that were triggered, and it became clear that in order to continue to provide any ongoing access to Kanopy for curricular and research needs, we would need to move to a more sustainable model that involves mediation. 

Who do I ask if I have questions about access to Kanopy films?

Please contact Aaron Olivera (