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Google Scholar covers a wide range of topics.

Use the above link to you can make sure Google Scholar works best for you on or off campus.  In order to better use it, connect it to OSU by going to Settings > Library links (on left) and then search for Ohio StateCheck the option The Ohio State University Libraries - Find It @ OSU.

Finding Books

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Below are online resources and e-books for help with writing and citing.



Writing & Communicating Your Research

Finding Known Titles

If you have information about an item, such as a citation, you can use it to find an item you need. 

Is your item a book?  Book or book chapter citations typically have a place of publication and a publisher listed. This distinguishes them from most other formats. If you item is a book, go to the box on the left for Finding Books to see if you can locate the needed book.

Is your item a journal article?  Journal article citations typically have a 2nd title listed in the citation that is the title of the journal. You will also often see a volume and issue number. There are several ways to get to a specific journal article:

  • You can use our Citation Finder to search for items - this tool works best for journal articles. If your citation has a DOI, it's often easiest to just use that for searching.
  • Use the Online Journals List to find the item by using the journal title (the 2nd title listed). Then, you will need to find the access option that works for the year/volume needed and once there, browse until you find the correct year, volume, and issue. Then use the page numbers to find the item. You can alternatively search for the title of your article once at the journal's site.
  • Go to the Finding Articles box on the left to search in one of the listed databases. Note that not all databases will index every article.  For a known item, Google Scholar can often be useful. Be sure to follow the directions listed for connecting Find It! to Google Scholar.

A few other item types you may encounter:

  • Web pages: A URL should be provided. Simply click on or copy/paste the link.
  • A conference paper: Try the articles method first then the books method.  If you must use the books method, try doing a keyword search for the conference title rather than the paper title.
  • You may encounter many other formats - if you're not sure what something is, consider using Google or Google Scholar to see if you can get mroe detail - or simply email me for help!


Still not sure?  This guide may help you. Please contact me if you need help!

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