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A+ Research Coaching - NEW

­­­A+ Research Coaching offers help for students with writing and research assignments. Can’t find the information you need? Want to discuss with a fellow student how to organize and use what you’ve found? We can help you refine your thesis or research question, find and use sources, and much more.  A+ Research Coaching provides one-on-one consultations to get you the help you need.  You can schedule an appointment through OnCourse by visiting our website at

It's complicated...

The majority of your classmates cited the resources that were available through the library as the number one thing they wish that someone had told them about sooner. This ranged from the sheer amount of resources (about 10 million items) to the variety of types of items (books, eBooks, articles, educational media resources, streaming media, artwork, the list goes on...), the information available from the library is easily overwhelming!  That's where subject guides and strategy come in - efficient navigation of these resources is key! So don't panic - we have people that can help!

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You now need to change the URL to the text you copied in Step 1. Tap the URL field (it begins with "http://"), then delete everything in it and paste the text you copied:


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Now, when you are using your iPhone or iPad and follow a link into a web site that the library provides you access to, just tap the "Off-Campus Access -" bookmarklet. If you have not logged in through the Libraries' website already, you will be redirected through OSU's authentication page. You will then be returned to the resource with access as if you were on campus.

I wish someone had told me...

- about the library link in Carmen

- that libraries are not as difficult and scary to navigate as they seem

- of all the interactive workshops and Research Coaching available through the libraries! 

- which floors aren’t generally packed and are good locations to study at

- about the First Year Success Series (

- the school of architecture: they have a ton of computers there and you can be pretty isolated

- go to other libraries, not just Thompson or 18th Avenue (locations and hours)

- Wordpress/archives, classes/ info sessions (coding, Microsoft, research), Specialty libraries - There are so many concepts included in this answer, I had to add some information: for your own webpage, non-credit classes and information sessions (especially on coding, etc.) are often advertised on department listservs/webpages (and domain searching helps to find these too!), and there are many fabulous specialty libraries (! Of particular note to biology majors is the Museum of Biological Diversity ( 



Spring 2022 Info

During Spring 2022, I'll be your "guest librarian." Reach out to me with any questions.

A few additional resources to get started:

Subject Guides

Subject guides are librarian-curated webpages that present the most useful information on a given subject area. Found at, they are invaluable resources for determining what databases, websites, books, etc. are the most useful in that field. Your Pharmacy Guide is used nationwide as a professional resource, and has been viewed over 268,000 times since it was created!

Textbooks via the Library

There are two ways to get textbooks via the library: through course reserves and in our collections. If your instructor requests it, we can put any item on course reserves at any of our libraries. Students can then come check out that item, typically for two hours at a time. Many students scan the textbooks, and that is perfectly legal for personal use. Sometimes we have a textbook in our print collections, or it is available from a partner library, but that doesn't scale well, so we try and buy multiple-user eBooks when possible. Your instructor would need to contact their librarian to find out if the book is available as a multiple-user eBook at least four weeks before the class will need it. If a textbook is available as a multi-user eBook (and isn't entirely prohibitive in price), I will happily purchase it! 

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Peer Advice

I wish someone had told me...

- Definitely organization. College brings about a lot of new and unfamiliar ideas, people, practices, and expectations. Something as simple as a guide to creating a planner could help students focus more on learning rather than getting oriented.

- Don't forget to take time to go outside and get fresh air besides picking up food.

- How essential study groups are.

- I found it very very helpful to have 2 planners one for what I have to do (plan in advance) and one for what I did (write down the past) this helped me to get a better gauge of my productivity and how long certain tasks took me so that I could plan accordingly and therefore decrease my stress and keep from overwhelming myself with an impossible to do list. I feel like everyone tells you how "alone" you are in college in terms of finding opportunities and studying, but I feel often overwhelmed with support and my email is filled with opportunities and it almost scares me how much there is to get involved in and to know, so I wish I had known sooner how to sift through an incalculable number of opportunities in order to find ones that I have a passion for and that I enjoy.

- I wish I knew about the importance of going to office hours.

- I wish I was warned a bit more about the importance of organization now that I live and study independently.

- I wish someone had told me earlier that I could find syllabi for classes @

- I wish that someone had told me about the tutoring opportunities sooner.

- Really try hard not to procrastinate and learn how to manage your time early on so you can be on track for the semester.

- That there would be a lot of information thrown at me the first semester about my future. I would have liked to be prepared for the types of things I would be hearing

- To check to see if it fully uploaded before turning it in.