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I wish someone had told me...(library related)

- about the library link in Carmen

- that libraries are not as difficult and scary to navigate as they seem

- of all the interactive workshops and Research Coaching available through the libraries! 

- which floors aren’t generally packed and are good locations to study at

- about the First Year Success Series (

- the school of architecture: they have a ton of computers there and you can be pretty isolated

- go to other libraries, not just Thompson or 18th Avenue (locations and hours)




Peer Advice

I wish someone had told me...

- Definitely organization. College brings about a lot of new and unfamiliar ideas, people, practices, and expectations. Something as simple as a guide to creating a planner could help students focus more on learning rather than getting oriented.

- How essential study groups are.

- Bonus answer from previous student: I found it very very helpful to have 2 planners one for what I have to do (plan in advance) and one for what I did (write down the past) this helped me to get a better gauge of my productivity and how long certain tasks took me so that I could plan accordingly and therefore decrease my stress and keep from overwhelming myself with an impossible to do list. I feel like everyone tells you how "alone" you are in college in terms of finding opportunities and studying, but I feel often overwhelmed with support and my email is filled with opportunities and it almost scares me how much there is to get involved in and to know, so I wish I had known sooner how to sift through an incalculable number of opportunities in order to find ones that I have a passion for and that I enjoy.

- I wish I knew about the importance of going to office hours.

- I wish someone had told me earlier that I could find syllabi for classes at

- I wish that someone had told me about the tutoring opportunities sooner.

New to OSU Libraries?

A+ Research Coaching - NEW

­­­A+ Research Coaching offers help for students with writing and research assignments. Can’t find the information you need? Want to discuss with a fellow student how to organize and use what you’ve found? We can help you refine your thesis or research question, find and use sources, and much more.  A+ Research Coaching provides one-on-one consultations to get you the help you need.  You can schedule an appointment through OnCourse by visiting our website at