Guide to University Libraries' First Year Success Series Sessions

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University Libraries FYSS Sessions

Accessing Your Library Online: Getting Started with University Libraries

In this self-paced online Carmen session, you will explore the libraries website, learn a few tips and tricks for the best ways to access articles and other online materials for free via the libraries, as well as learn where to go when you need a little help. You will also become more aware of the wide variety of resources available to you and be more comfortable coming back to the library website to find what you need to do your best academic work. 

A Heroic Quest: A Research and Role-Playing Game Library Adventure

Learn about the research process including creating a search strategy and finding sources and discover how to overcome common obstacles when completing research assignments in an interactive and engaging storytelling environment. Your group will create a unique research story based on the choices you make and obstacles you encounter. You’ll also role-play as fictional characters in a fantasy world to prevent a dragon from destroying the city and save the day.

Be Information Savvy: Catch and Stop Misinformation

In this self-paced online Carmen session, you will learn the different types of misinformation that you will encounter. You will also learn tips and tricks that will help you verify the information you see on the internet and hear in the world, including: recognize confirmation bias, reverse image searching and lateral reading. It will take about an hour to complete. 

Droppin' Science: Introduction to Hip Hop Research

Taught by African American and African Studies Librarian, Leta Hendricks, Droppin’ Science is an innovative and interactive session that introduces participants to basic research methods and resources. This 60-minute session uses the theme of Hip Hop Culture to explore the subject matter through group discussions and develop research skills for lifelong learning.

First Year Focus: A Self-Awareness Approach to Navigating Your First Year

Working through different kinds of challenges—whether academic, personal, social, or otherwise—is one of reasons college can be such a transformational time. Navigating these challenges often depends on an awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, and mindset as well as finding and using campus information and resources. Hear from prior first year students and learn about the resources to help in this session. This is a self-paced online Carmen session.

Take on Thompson: A Library Orientation Game

Thompson Library is full of resources to help Ohio State students at any level, but it's also enormous and can seem intimidating at first. Where do you start? Don't go it alone. Join a team of peers to explore Thompson Library and connect with helpful library personnel as you complete tasks that highlight key library resources. This 70-minute session begins with a brief meeting to learn the rules for the game and form teams; then you’re off to complete tasks around Thompson Library.

Where's Brutus?: A Library Orientation Game

Join a team of peers to uncover the location of Brutus Buckeye in Thompson Library in this interactive library orientation game. Complete tasks that highlight library resources, services, and special collections. This session will get you started using the library and connect you with helpful library personnel. This 70-minute session begins with a brief meeting to learn the rules for the game and form teams; then you’re off to complete tasks and solve the mystery.


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