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Only about 1/4 of our East Asian Collections are housed in Thompson Library. The remaining materials are housed in other locations such as the Fine Arts Library, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, and the Book Depository. Please, refer to the catalog for the specific location of any of the materials. 

Dictionaries/reference books in Chinese/Japanese/Korean?

Thompson Library 2nd floor Grand Reading room balcony

Newer Books in Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean?

Thompson Library 3rd floor Mezzanine (3M)

1st Floor Current Periodicals Journals on East Asian topics?

Thompson Library 1st Floor library Current Periodicals area. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language materials have all been relocated to this 1st floor space. 

Chinese Newspapers ( 世界日报, 橋报)?

Thompson Library 110 Leisure Reading area

Find Japanese graded readers at

Thompson Library 2nd floor Grand Reading room balcony

Japanese Studies Blogs

We maintain two blogs in Japanese Studies where we post news about new materials and resources such as eBook platforms, Special Collections, and other print and digital resources. Please check them out!

1. OSU Japanese Collection Bloggo.osu.edu/JapaneseCollection

2. Manga Blog: go.osu.edu/Manga

Japan National Diet Library Digital Collections

The National Diet Library (NDL) of Japan has one of the world's most ambitious program digitizing materials and collecting new digitized Japanese materials. One of its main services providing access to digital materials is the NDL digital collection, a set of growing databases that includes Books, Periodicals, Rare Books and Old Materials, Doctoral Dissertations, Official Gazettes, Modern Japanese Political History Materials, Materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan, online publications, and more. To access this extensive online collection, please visit https://dl.ndl.go.jp/?__lang=en

LC Call Number Outline

A -- General Works

B -- Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

C -- Auxiliary Sciences Of History

D -- World History And History Of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.

E -- History Of The Americas

F -- History Of The Americas

G -- Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

H -- Social Sciences

J -- Political Science

K -- Law

L -- Education

M -- Music And Books On Music

N -- Fine Arts

P -- Language And Literature

Q -- Science

R -- Medicine

S -- Agriculture

T -- Technology

U -- Military Science

V -- Naval Science

Z -- Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)

Quick References

Have you ever wanted to look something up quickly online? Are you looking for sources that are more reputable than  Wikipedia? Here are a few trustworthy "quick reference" sources we recommend when searching for basic information about Japanese people, terms, concepts, and events:  

In English:

Encyclopedia of Japan

Japan Wiki Corpus

Credo Reference

World Book Advanced

JGuide (Stanford University) 

In Japanese:

日本大百科全書  (via the JapanKnowledge database) 

Japanese Romanization Standards

Most North American academic libraries follow the Library of Congress' Japanese romanization rules. Many Japanese libraries use either Modified Hepburn or Kunreishiki romanization. Please see the following links for more information on various romanization standards. 

Library of Congress Romanization

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Japanese Calendrical Systems

Two number systems for years are commonly used in Japan:

  1. Gregorian Calendar - the western calendar year system commonly used in US. e.g. 2015
  2. Nengō 年号 - calendar year system based on the reigns of emperors.e.g. Heisei 27 or 平成二十七年 


Adding and Using Resources

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