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How to access library resources from off campus

around the world imageOff-campus access to most OSU Library resources may be obtained through these routes: 

 1.  Attempting to access an OSU Library resource through the OSU Library catalog from off campus should result in a prompt for your name.# and password, which in turn will permit off-campus access.   OR

2.   Many publishers/vendors permit access directly from their site with OSU authentication.  If OSU holds a subscription to a resource and if the publisher/vendor provides direct access, proxy authentication can be achieved by either:

     a.  Applying an OSU Libraries' Bookmarklet within your browser, which you can selectively use when you wish to authenticate while visiting a publisher/vendor's site.  Information on using a Bookmarklet (IMPORTANT NOTE re Bookmarklet:  Due to newly implemented OSU security measures, the Bookmarklet does not always function as intended.)

     b.  Placing the following string at the beginning of the vendor’s URL:[enter vendor’s URL here]

For both a and b, above, users will be prompted for their OSU username.# and password before being sent to the publisher/vendor’s site.  This prompt will allow users to have authenticated off-campus access through the vendor/publisher's site.

A note to VPN users:  VPN authentication, will not necessarily provide authentication for most library resources (unless used with the Bookmarklet or if the user is working remotely through an OSU desktop).

Using Google Scholar from off campus?

google scholar icon  Google Scholar provides an option to use the OSU "Find It" button.  This is handy for off-campus access because it automatically routes you through the proxy.  Steps to use this option in Google Scholar:

1. Go to Google Scholar

2.  Click on the "hamburger" menu button (top left).

3.  Click on Settings and then on Library Links.

4.  Search for Ohio State University and then (when it appears) put a check mark in the box for OSU.  Click "Save."

Use Google Scholar with care.  More Info.