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Be Information Savvy: Catch and Stop Misinformation

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In this self-paced online Carmen session, you will learn the different types of misinformation that you will encounter. You will also learn tips and tricks that will help you verify the information you see on the internet and hear in the world, including: recognize confirmation bias, reverse image searching and lateral reading. 

Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand that information literacy skills extend beyond academics and are important life skills. (Information literacy is effectively finding, selecting and using information.)
  • Recognize that searching for information is a process and it includes common thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Make informed choices regarding your online actions when accessing, sharing, or creating information


How to attend

This online session will be completed at your own pace in Carmen. It will take about an hour to complete. You will be added to the Carmen course when that section opens, generally two weeks before the due date. You must complete the whole session to receive attendance credit. Register for this session with the First Year Success Series.


Topics and Web Resources

Topics and Web Resources


News Literacy Project

Confirmation Bias

Lateral Reading

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers by Mike Caulfield (eBook)

  •  This is an unabashedly practical guide for the student fact-checker. It supplements generic information literacy with the specific web-based techniques that can get you closer to the truth on the web more quickly.

Stanford History Education Group

Source Evaluation, SIFT, and Reading Laterally videos and other resources

Critical Observation Skills

Reverse Image Searching

Be Information Savvy Schedule

The first date is the earliest date you will be added to the session. The second date is the date the session is due for you to receive credit with FYSS.

These sessions are at your own pace and you can sign up for and work on them anytime within the two week completion window. 


August 23 - September 6


September 6 - September 20

September 20 - October 4


October 4 - October 18

October 18 - November 1


November 1 - November 15

November 15 - November 29

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