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Wish you had that book that's sitting on your OSU office or lab shelf?

You might be surprised to know that even many of the most esoteric (and old) science and engineering books have been scanned and are available electronically.  Give the following options a try and if they don't work, contact me and I'll see if there are any other options (hurley.50@osu.edu).

18th Avenue Library 1.  Search for e-books in the University Libraries catalog (includes OhioLINK e-book packages) (change dropdown menu to "E-books")Note: If you search from the libraries' homepage instead of the above link, you might be directed to e-books held by other libraries (and you probably won't be able to access those). 
Hathi Trust icon 2.  Although our temporary emergency access is no longer available, OSU is a member of the Hathitrust, and we still have access to a large portion of the Hathitrust e-collection (millions of scanned books from academic libraries).  Go to the Hathitrust, click on the yellow "Log in" button and  choose "THE Ohio State University" as your partner institution.  (Advanced Catalog search is recommended for best results.)
Article Express icon 3.  Place a request with our ILLiad/Article Express group.  They can often obtain e-chapters.  If you don't have an ILLiad account, registration and use are free.
envelope image 4.  If none of the above options work or if you simply want a more permanent solution, send me an email. hurley.50@osu.edu If the publisher makes the title available as an e-book purchaseable by libraries, I'll authorize the purchase.  Access from major publishers can often be established within a matter of a couple days.

A note about textbooks:  CarmenBooks is an Inclusive Access program that offers digital copies of selected textbooks.  More info

Dedicated pages for Science and Engineering Library Resources

The Ohio State Libraries homepage is designed to serve the information needs of a multitude of disciplines.  For more direct access to library resources specifically for the physical sciences and engineering, the following pages are strongly recommended:

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Engineering library resources (MAE, MSE, ECE, ISE, BME, CBE)

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