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  • C-SPAN (National Cable Satellite Corporation) Provides live coverage of Congressional activities.
  • Statehouse News Bureau. Provides live coverage of the Ohio Legislature's activities.
  • USA Today. Updated 24/7 provides access to breaking events and news.

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Introduction to OSU's Newspaper Collection

Newspapers and Microfilm

Ohio State University Libraries (OSUL) have current and historical newspapers holdings in print, electronically, and on microform. Print editions of newspapers, held across from the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Thompson Library, are commonly kept for 2-4 weeks, depending upon the newspaper. The one exception is the Wall Street Journal, which is kept until the microfilm version arrives, generally 1-2 months later.  Microform newspaper titles are held for the most part either at the OSU Book Depository or in room 215 Thompson. 

How you use our collection -- and what you can find -- depends on the format. For example, an electronic database may include only the text of the article and might not provide pictures or graphs which were included in the original publication. So if you need the pictures or graphs, you might have to use the microform or print version. The format may also affect how current the newspaper is: our print editions of foreign newspapers may be months behind, while the electronic edition of the same newspaper may be that day's. Microform newspapers may be received months to years behind the current date.

For information about OSUL's newspaper coverage, please perform a title search in our catalog or Ask Us for more assistance.


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