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Members of the OSU Community can access many newspapers electronically. Search for a newspaper by title below:

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If you can't find what you're looking for electronically, see our Finding Newspapers page for information about searching our print or microform collections.

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Live news, as it happens.

  • C-SPAN (National Cable Satellite Corporation) Provides live coverage of Congressional activities.
  • Statehouse News Bureau. Provides live coverage of the Ohio Legislature's activities.
  • USA Today. Updated 24/7 provides access to breaking events and news.

Structuring Your Search

Take a moment and think about the information you are trying to locate.

  • Identify the key players or pivotal events. Who was involved, what was the event?
  • Identify the type of information. Is it an editorial, feature article, etc.?
  • Identify a time frame. Is it current, 20 years ago, etc.?
  • Identify a geographical location. Is it local, state, country specific?

Once you have determined these four elements, it is time to start your research. While doing an internet search is a good starting point, it is not in and of itself the only way to identify newspaper articles, and at times might not even be the best way.

A good starting point is the Research Database List - Newspapers. The list provides a description for each database of the contents which will help you decide whether it will provide the information you need.

After selecting a database, search it for relevant newspaper articles. Some of these databases require an OSU login, and not all provide the full text of articles.

Most of these databases are searchable by keyword, but be aware that terminology and spellings may change over time so be prepared to use alternate terms when searching.

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