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Guide to Resources and Information on Somali Language, Culture, and Traditions


Welcome to the Somali Language Research Site, your information gateway for research, teaching, and learning.  Feel free to contact me for your research and classroom needs.                                                    

Leta Hendricks

Somali Courses

African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University

Somali Courses

Course Number -- Course Title-- Credit Hours

  • 1101 -- Elementary Somali -- 04
  • 1102 -- Elementary Somali -- 04
  • 1103 -- Intermediate Somali -- 04

Development of oral proficiency in Somali through basic listening, speaking and reading skills using a competency-based curriculum.

Not open to native speakers of this language through regular course enrollment or EM credit, or students with 2 or more years of study in this language in high school except by permission of dept. GEC for language courses.

Course Number -- Course Title-- Credit Hours

  • 2201 -- Intermediate Somali -- 04
  • 2241 -- Intermediate Somali  -- 04
  • 3301 -- Intermediate Somali  -- 04

Enhances the students’ proficiency in speaking, reading and writing of the Somali language in meaningful communicative contexts. Cultural and historical overview of the Somali people and their location in East Africa. These courses are available for EM credit.

African American and African Studies Librarian, Anthropology Librarian, and Comparative Studies Librarian

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