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Leta Hendricks

Librarian's Choice


Librarian's Choice

KIKO (Kiswahili kwa Komputa)


 A multimedia language course from the University of Georgia 

"Every lesson is accompanied by a set of self-correcting exercises. These exercises can be used to test one's competence in each lesson, after going over it in a careful manner. Two types of exercises viz., self-correcting and teacher-correcting types are provided to ensure the learning in two different stages. The self-correcting exercises may be used as many times as one needs necessary, prior to answer questions in teacher-correcting exercises. Answers for the teacher-correcting exercises may be sent to the instructor by email, provided you have internet connection at the time of filling-in the answers. The answers can also be printed out and hand over to the instructors when internet connection is not possible."

FROM: KIKO Overview  http://www.africa.uga.edu/Kiswahili/doe/overview.html 

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