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Veterinary Specialty Boards Reading Lists

Copies of veterinary specialty board exam reading lists with links to online materials and books and journals held by local libraries.

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) Reading List

This is only a convenience copy of the ABVP reading list to help find copies of reading materials in local libraries.  It does not replace the official ABVP reading list. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use the latest ABVP reading list.

ABVP - Equine Reading List

"The most current edition of the text should be used. Pick one medicine, one lameness, one reproduction and one surgery book since you will not have time to cover all."

Other reference that were found useful to support these primary reference or to cover specific disciplines in which the candidate may feel deficient included:

A clinical pharmacology text

A physiology text

Select one.

An immunology text

A clinical pathology text

Select one.

More texts

The links below take you to the resources at the publishers' websites, which might prompt you for payment.  Your library might be able to provide these resources at comparatively lower or no cost to you. Tools like Unpaywall may also allow you to freely and legally access some of the articles you’re interested in.  Open access journals in which all articles are freely available are marked with .

Last 5 years ending Jan. 1 the year the exam is taken.

"Questions on the examination may be taken from sources other than this list."

Source: ABVP Study Guide - Equine

This resource updated: 8/26/2021

Textbooks updated to most recent edition: 10/05/2022

Source reading list reviewed: 10/05/2022

Source reading list updated by specialty board: 05/16/2022

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