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Microforms are printed information in miniaturized form on Microfilm-transparent plastic rolls; Microfiche-small transparent rectangular sheets of plastic or; Microprints and Microcards-white opaque sheets. Microforms are used to preserve materials and conserve storage space. The Ohio State University Libraries Microforms Collection includes Human Sciences, History, Gender Studies, African American and African Studies, Global Studies, and Education themes.

Angela Davis Case Collection.

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, 1974.

FILM3618  KF224.D38 M4

Angela Davis Case Collection : Annotated Procedural Guide And Index

FBI File on Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1988.

E185.97.J25 F38 1988 MICROFILM

Malcolm X: Surveillance File.

Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1978.

E185.97.L5 F24 1978 Microfilm

Martin Luther King, Jr.: FBI Assassination File.

Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1978.

E185.97.K5 M34 1978 Microfilm

The Martin Luther King, Jr. FBI File

The Papers of The Congress of Racial Equality, 1941-1967.

Sanford, NC: Microfilming Corporation of America, 1980.

Z1361.N39 C65 Microfilm

Congress of Racial Equality Papers, 1959-1976

Black Power Movement. Part 3, Papers of the Revolutionary Action Movement, 1962-1996

 Bethesda, MD: LexisNexis, 2002.

E185.615 .B546835 2002 Microfilm

 Black Panther Party Documents

 Sunnyvale, CA: BMI Imaging Systems, 1994.

E185.615 .B5454 1994 Microfilm

The Black Panther

Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, 1967-1980.

ANU5.A1 U5