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Laws and Legislation

Laws - Other states

The process of how a bill becomes law in the other forty-nine states is very similar to that in Ohio, except for Nebraska. Nebraska has the only unicameral state legislature in the United States.  This system having only one house is similar to what cities and county governments throughout the United States use.  The rest of the states, modeled after Congress, use a bicameral system.   The name that each state gives these two houses varies, as does the name by which the Legislature goes by.  Start by checking out the state legislature's and governor's web sites.

Websites for Legal Research - Other States

Free Legal Research Resources - State Law. (Harvard University. Harvard Law Library) Guide to free online legal research resources.

Guides. (Georgetown University. Georgetown Law Library).  List of available guides including legal research resources for selected states and territories arranged alphabetically.

Session Laws Library.  (HeinOnline) Contains inks to statutes for the State of Ohio and other state.  Access restricted to OSU student, faculty, and staff.

State Law Research Guide. (Yale University. Yale Law School. Lillian Goldman Law Library) Tutorial for doing state legal research.

U.S. Law. (JUSTIA.Com)  Links to law resources for each state.   Includes constitutions, codes, etc. 

U.S. States & Territories. (Library of Congress)  Provides links to the Constitution of the state; executive, judicial, and legislative resources; legal guides and general resources.

Other Websites that may be of help Covers all 50 states with links to state websites sorted by broad topical areas such as Tourism, Natural Resources, Transportation, Youth Services, etc. including links to the Legislature and Governor's Offices. Provides links to each state's official website.

Further Reading

Inside the Legislative Process. (National Conference of State Legislatures)