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Laws and Legislation

Laws - Local


Municipal and county laws are generally called ordinances and are increasingly online.

Useful resources for locating local legislation and/or laws:

  • CIO/Public Records. Access to case information, fiscal records, etc. for Franklin County.
  • Code Library. (Municode)  Limited access for non-subscribers.  Arranged by state, then municipality, etc.
  • Library. (American Legal Publishing Corporation) Arranged by state then by municipality. 
  • Municipal Codes:  A Beginner’s Guide. (Library of Congress) Tutorial with links to online resources.
  • Municipal Ordinances. (Franklin County. Law Library) Links to codes for major cities and counties in Ohio. 
  • Ohio Counties. (County Commissioners Association of Ohio) Links to county websites and officials including clerks of court who generally handle legal records within the county. 

Still have not found the wanted information. Check libraries, historical societies, and associations for locally held resources, both web and print. Contact municipal and county officials such as the Clerk of Courts, etc.  Be flexible when searching for an ordinance.

Further Reading

Local Government Law in a Nutshell.  5th edition.  David J. McCarthy, Jr. and Laurie Reynolds.  St. Paul, Minnesota:  Thomas West, 2003.  Source for local government law.  Covers such topics local government limitations, resolution of power conflicts and challenges, formation of the local government, boundary changes, allocation and delegation of functions, elections, regulation of land usage, revenues, etc.