Visitor Information

Collection Access and Assistance

OSU Libraries are committed to providing a safe environment where research, learning, and a free exchange of ideas can occur.  Patrons of all ages are welcome to freely access the government documents collections.  All library patrons are expected to comply with requests from library staff, security personnel, and the University Police, and to be courteous and thoughtful of others by refraining from load and disruptive behaviors (see Visitor Code of Conduct) and follow the University's policy on Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources.  Please report any safety concerns promptly to library staff and/or security. The University Libraries reserves the right to deny use of computers and/or equipment, and furthermore to have non-compliant patrons leave the library, if they are found to be in violation of  these policies.  Misconduct includes, but is not limited to viewing of pornographic materials as well as loud, threatening, or disruptive behavior.  Such misconduct will be reported to Library Security and University Police as appropriate.  Repeat offenders and/or abuse of guest accounts will result in denial of future access privileges.

Please contact library and/or government document personnel prior to your visit if there are any concerns about accessing or using the government documents collections and/or equipment.  With prior notification, materials held at our remote Depository can be called back for use in the library.