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George D. Gopen, JD, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Practice of Rhetoric, Duke University

On August 19, 2014, Dr. George Gopen delivered a one-day seminar entitled "Writing from the Reader's Perspective" to the Ohio State community. These workshop handouts were used to "demonstrate a number of rhetorical principles that can produce clarity in communication without oversimplifying scientific issues."

About Dr. Gopen

He is the author of “The Science of Scientific Writing,” a paper designated as a “classic” by the journal American Scientist. His lectures are interactive, lively and filled with examples to illustrate his concepts. He has taught at Harvard Medical and Law Schools. His primary role in academia has been with Duke University and it's Law School for the past 29 years. He consults on written communication for scientific research companies, law firms, corporations, universities, and governmental agencies. Publications include articles on the rhetorical analysis of poetry, music, fiction, and non-fiction prose, as well as law review articles and essays on pedagogy. His latest two books (Expectations and The Sense of Structure) explore his radical "Reader Expectation Approach" to the English language.

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