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Research Funding and Support Resources - Limited Submissions and External Awards and Prizes

Limited Submissions and External Awards and Prizes

Limited Submission Funding and Prize Opportunities Report

View report which lists funding opportunities where the sponsor has placed a limitation requirement (nomination) on the number of submissions from the university. Each funding opportunity and/or academic prize listing provides researchers with an online submission/upload process for pre-proposal/nomination materials. The report also provides internal submission deadlines in advance of the sponsor deadlines for each opportunity, typically six weeks or more before the sponsor deadline. Researchers are encouraged to monitor these internal submission deadlines as they can be weeks or months in advance of the sponsor deadline.


Note: The Limited Submission Funding and Prize Opportunities Report was replaced in Fall 2018 by the new Research Funding and Awards Database. For a brief overview of how to use the new system to search for funding opportunities, view the PDF below.


Examples of some of the more common limited submission programs include:


  • NSF's Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program,
  • Chicago Community Trust's Searle Scholars Program,
  • Pew Charitable Trust's Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences,


Jeff Agnoli, administrator for education, funding and research development, coordinates the selection of Ohio State's nominees to limited submission programs. Please contact Jeff Agnoli, or 614-292-6269, if you become aware of a program which limits the number of institutional nominations. He will set up appropriate internal review procedures.


Whenever more than the allowable number of applications are received by the internal intent deadline, the applicant's associate dean for research (college research officer), and/or their designee, reviews the application materials and recommends the Ohio State nominee(s). Selection of the most competitive application(s) includes considering the strength of the preproposal, a review of the program solicitation criteria, and institutional priority to determine the most competitive Ohio State representative.


The college's research officer also conducts the first round of reviews when the number of applicants from a college exceed the total amount permitted by the program. For example, if the program announcement allows two institutional nominations and three applicants have applied from the same college, the college research officer identifies the top two applicants for the second round of review.


Directory of Faculty Awards and Honors

View selected awards earned by faculty and prominent alumni, access a database of external awards earned by faculty members while at Ohio State, covering a period from the 1990s to the present. Individuals may also view University honors bestowed on faculty and staff, and explore calls for nomination/applications for pending and past award opportunities.

Limited Submission Internal Calls

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