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Using ArcGIS at The Ohio State University

Learn more about using Esri products for teaching, learning, and research through Ohio State's education institutional agreement


The Ohio State University maintains an annual site license for many Esri product offerings through an education institutional agreement. Under this agreement, Ohio State affiliates are able to access Esri products for teaching and learning, research, service, and administration, and more details about permitted uses are provided below in the Academic vs. Administrative Use section. Faculty, staff, and students are also permitted to install ArcGIS products on personally-owned devices for university-related purposes. License renewal occurs on July 1 each year.


The purpose of this guide is to provide Ohio State affiliates with information about the web-based and desktop software available to them through our Esri education institutional agreement, along with instructions for accessing and licensing these products for university-related use. If you have additional questions after reviewing this information or want to inquire about other Esri products not covered in detail in this guide, please email


To begin using Esri products and associated resources at Ohio State, review the information below about different types of permitted uses under our education institutional agreement, and then visit the pages in this guide associated with the most commonly used software and applications across campus:


Academic vs. Administrative Use

Esri has defined how their products and services can be used through our education institutional agreement, including differentiating between "academic" and "administrative" uses.


Academic use refers to the use of Esri products for teaching and learning purposes, scholarly research, and service. Research sponsored through grants typically falls under academic use, but users should review the Esri Permitted Uses Rubric linked below for more details to ensure compliance. Use of Esri products for research sponsored through contracts or for independent consulting is not generally permitted.


Administrative use refers to the use of Esri products for operational activities such as property and facilities management, space planning, institutional research, student recruiting, fundraising, and campus security. Administrative uses related to providing patient services in medical centers and hospitals operated by or affiliated with the university are not permitted through our education institutional agreement.


Users should review the following documents for complete information about Esri products available for academic and administrative uses and for determining permitted uses under the Esri education institutional agreement:



The information throughout this guide focuses primarily on the use of Esri products for academic purposes. If you have questions about your specific use case in relation to the permitted uses documentation or you want to use Esri products for administrative purposes, please contact so that we can discuss your needs and help to identify the most appropriate solutions.

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