The New Jim Code and Decoding Bias

This guide is inspired by the book "Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code" by Ruha Benjamin.

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"Computing Ethics for a Just and Diverse World" is a course coming Autumn 2023! The course will use the book Race After Technology to explore the ethics of computing and what steps are needed to dismantle algorithmic systems of oppression. For more information, reach out to Dr. Amy Shuster, Academic Program Specialist and Associated Faculty Member in the Philosophy department. 

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The resources in this section explain the argument of the “New Jim Code” and provide examples of oppressive algorithmic systems that are used regularly. In addition to cited sources from Dr. Benjamin’s book Race After Technology, additional resources provide assessments and descriptions of the “New Jim Code” as well as different titles for the phenomenon. 

What is The New Jim Code


Articles and Essays
Under each resource is a description that explains whether the source is "Open Access" or an "OSU Resource". "Open Access" resources are available to find on the internet, versus an "OSU Resource", which are resources only available to Ohio State University faculty, staff, and students with an OSU email and login information.