The New Jim Code and Decoding Bias

This guide is inspired by the book "Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code" by Ruha Benjamin.

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Below are additional resources such as online exhibits, databases, companies dedicated to a vision of emancipatory technology systems, and other external resources to support further exploration of the topic. The journals and databases listed are not all of the resources that are accessible to OSU students and faculty, but are resources that have been the most helpful when developing this guide and for finding additional content that directly relates to AI ethics and the "New Jim Code". To explore the other databases and academic journals that are available through OSU Libraries, visit the Research Database List and the Online Journals List.

Some of the external resources below were also included in Race After Technology as examples of abolitionist tools. These external resources are intended to guide the process of reimagining AI systems and the possibility for these systems to embody liberatory ideals with an abolitionist function. 

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