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Gift from EASC

East Asian Studies at OSUL recently received a large donation from EASC's A/V collection. Here is a list of Chinese and Chinese Studies-related titles that were in the collection that we have added and are now available to all OSUL patrons.

*some items do not have call numbers, and are instead linked to a streaming source

Title (Original)   Call Number
Mulan   PN1997 .H836 2010 DVD  
Summer Palace   PN1997.2 .U64 2008 DVD  
The Lost Kingdom   PN2879 .X54 1999 DVD  
2046: A Wong Kar Wai Film   PN1997.2 .A126 2006 DVD  
A Legend Across Three Centuries: Chiang Kai-Shek   DS777.488.C515 M33 2003 DVD  
The China Threat: Perception versus Reality   DS779.47 .C456 2012 DVD  
Blind Shaft   PN1997.2 .M3636 2003 DVD  
The Yongzheng Dynasty   PN1997 .Y661 2002 DVD pt.1-15  
Red Sorghum - w/o subtitles   PN1997 .H8622 1987 DVD c.2  
Red Sorghum - subtitles   PN1997 .H8622 1987 DVD c.2  
Golden Chicken   PN1997.2 .J56 2002 DVD pt.1-2  
Children Peking Opera Singers   PN1997 .W2 2002z DVD  
Suzhou River   PN1995.9.D6 S868 2001 DVD  
Beijing Bicycle   PN1997.C55 S55 2002 DVD
Shower   PN1997 .X518 2000 DVD  
Chungking Express   PN1995.9.C48 C4676 2003 DVD  
China The Dragon's Ascent: Feast or Famine: Water Management and Food Production in China   Link Here
Time Life's Lost Civilization: China Dynasties of Power   DVD 930.1 Lo  
The Chinese Cracker: The Making of the Peony Pavilion   M1805.3 .P46 2000 DVD  
From Confucius to Mao   Link Here
The Education of a Singer at the Beijing Opera   Link Here
Emerging Power China: An Insiders Guide   HC59.7 .E457 1996
A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China   ND1043.5 .D39 2007 DVD  
The First Emperor of China  
DVD 951 Fir  
Mardi Gras; Made in China   HD9736.C45 M37 2010 DVD  
The New Leap Forward: The Chinese Communist Party in the 21st Century   Link Here
Inner Visions: Avant Garde Art in China   Link Here
Inside China: The Newest Revolution   Link Here
Not One Less  
PN1995.9.C48 Y5 2000 DVD  
Xiu Xiu: The Girl Sent Down  
PN1997 .T5427 1999 DVD  
Women From the Lake of Scented Souls  
The Pacific Century: Two Coasts of China   DS518.1 .P32 1992
The Pacific Century: Writers and Revolutionaries   DS518.1 .P32 1992 Videotape 
The Pacific Century: From the Barrel of a Gun   DS518.1 .P32 1992 Videotape 
The Pacific Century:  The Future of the Pacific Basin   DS518.1 .P32 1992 Videotape  
The Pacific Century: Sentimental Imperialists   DS518.1 .P32 1992 Videotape  
The Pacific Century: Inside Japan, Inc.   DS518.1 .P32 1992 Videotape  
Islam, Asia, and Modnerity - 1 - Introduction   BP63.A1 I83 2005 DVD 
Islam, Asia, and Modnerity - 2- Gender, Sexuality, & Body   BP63.A1 I83 2005 DVD 
Islam, Asia, and Modnerity - 3 - Arts & National Cultures   BP63.A1 I83 2005 DVD 
Islam, Asia, and Modnerity - 4- Masculine Identities   BP63.A1 I83 2005 DVD 
Islam, Asia, and Modnerity - 5 - Education & Legal Subjects   BP63.A1 I83 2005 DVD 
Islam, Asia, and Modnerity - 6 - Politics of Knowledge   BP63.A1 I83 2005 DVD 
Asia Tradition and Culture   DS5 .A78 2004 DVD  
Destiny Determined: Power and Ritual in Asia   DS5 .D47 2004 DVD  
America as a Spiritual Democracy   Link Here
Go Lala Go!    PN1997.2 .D82 2010 DVD  
Mount Lushan   DS797.57.L874 L87 2006 DVD  
Bodyguards and Assassins    PN1997.2 .S544 2009 DVD 
Red Cliff   PN1997.C55 C55 2009 DVD pt.1  
The Silk Road: Music, Art, and Poetry from Istanbul to Samarqand    DS33.1 .S59 2006 DVD  
Xiu Xiu: The Girl Sent Down   PN1997 .T5427 1999 DVD  
The Duke of Mount Deer   PN1992.77 .L8 2010 DVD pt.1-5  
Hear Me   PN1997.2 .T559 2010 DVD  
72 Tenants of Prosperity   PN1997.2 A125 2010b DVD  
The Return of the Condor Heroes   PN1997 .S54633 2003 DVD pt.1-16  
Just Another Pandora's Box   PN1997.2 .Y84 2010 DVD  
Monga   PN1997.2 .M465 2010 DVD pt.1-2  
Shanghai Triad   PN1997 .Y363 1999 VCD pt.1-2  
Love in a Puff   PN1997.2 .Z558 2010 DVD  
B420   PN1997.2 B128 2005 DVD  
Echoes of the Rainbow   PN1997.2 .S8555 2010 DVD  
Not One Less   PN1995.9.C48 Y5 2000 DVD  
To Live    PN1995.9.C48 H86 2007 DVD  
Eat Drink Man Woman   PN1997 .Y54 2002 DVD  
The Shanghai Gesture   PN1997 .S5355 2009 DVD  
A Double Life   PN1997.2 .A6 2010 DVD  
True Legend   PN1997 .S789 2010 DVD  
End of Love   PN1997 .A31364 2010 DVD  
Flowers of Shanghai   PN1997 .H2412 2001 DVD 
Raise the Red Lantern   PN1997 .D222 2007 DVD  
Crows and Sparrows   N1997 .W829 2000 VCD pt.1-2  
Fallen Angels   Link Here
Days of Being Wild   Link Here
Chungking Express   PN1995.9.C48 C4676 2003 DVD 
East Palace, West Palace   PN1997 .D68 2003 DVD  
Ju Dou   PN1995.9.F67 J8 1999 DVD  

Copyright Guidelines for Using Images

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Romanization Standards

The libraries follow the romanization standards used in the Library of Congress

Chinese  -  pinyin romanization system, however some older titles still has titles using the Wade-Giles romanization system.

Japanese - Modified Hepburn romanization system

Korean - McCune-Reischauer system