Web of Science

Using the Web of Science platform for new and experienced searchers.


Welcome to the Web of Science Guide!  This guide is intended for any users of Web of Science.  This includes students, faculty, or staff in the OSU community or beyond.

The content includes both basic and advanced information, so you can choose the level that is most appropriate for you.

Learning Objectives

After viewing this guide, users will understand:

  • What Web of Science is and how to distinguish the platform from its databases
  • The basics of how Web of Science is structured and how it functions when you put in search terms
  • How to run a search, whether it be a quick/basic search, or a more complex/advanced search
  • How to view your Search History
  • How to create an account
  • How to save your search results and export your citations.

Web of Science Training Materials

Web of Science's parent company, Clarivate, offers a wealth of training information, including written guides, live webinars, and recorded trainings for many levels of users.  You can find current information about their offerings below.

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