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Search History

How can I view my Search History?

Web of Science will keep track of the searches you run in a given search session. 

Click on the Advanced Search link underneath the Basic Search box, then scroll down to see your Search History.

How can I use my Search History line numbers to create a new search?

If you would like to combine two lines of your search history, you can use the assigned line numbers instead of retyping all the terms.  Either select the queries you want to combine and click Combine Sets to choose a Boolean operator, or type your combined search into the Query Builder above.

Below is an example.  This is the same as running the search: ("environmental dna" OR eDNA and salamander*) AND (ohio OR midwest OR ("united states" NEAR/2 central)).

Web of Science search history

Can I save my search history?

You can create a free account in Web of Science to save your search history to rerun or revise later.  You can also set up alerts for new articles that your search returns.

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