Veterinary Medicine

Tools to help locate and use information in the veterinary sciences.

Customizing Zotero Settings at OSU

There are several settings in Zotero that you can adjust to make the tool work more easily.

  • To use Zotero to insert citations and create a bibliography, use the Microsoft Word Add-In from within Word or use the Zotero tool in Google Docs.
  • Zotero can search the full text of any PDFs that you associate with your citations.  To do this, turn on PDF Indexing under Preferences > Search.
  • You can set your default citation format under Preferences > Export.  If you're working on a thesis or dissertation, you may want set this to be APA 6th. 
  • To connect to OSU’s subscribed content online from your records, under Preferences > Advanced, set the OpenURL to
    That will let you connect to OSU’s subscribed content online from your records.

To use the Zotero Connector plugin in your browser to enable off-campus access to OSU's subscribed content.  Details are available here. To configure for OSU:

  • Right-click/command click on the Zotero Connector icon and choose Preferences. (In Chrome, click the three dots next to Zotero Connector in the Extensions menu.  Choose Options.)
  • Select Proxies. 
  • Check the box next to Automatically associate new hosts.
  • Set Login URL Scheme to
  • Set Proxied URL Scheme to

Customizing EndNote Settings at OSU

Bibliographic management tools like EndNote can not only help researchers to manage references, they can also be used to search for full text. Finding full text resources requires the proper configuration.

In the EndNote Preferences dialog (Edit-->Preferences on PC, or EndNote 20-->Preferences on Mac), select Find Full Text, then copy and paste the following URLs:

  • Finding full text requires the OpenURL path of
  • Finding full text requires authentication with URL

There are some caveats regarding EndNote's ability to find full text:

  • Searching and finding full text may work better on campus than off due to different resource authentication methods and licensing agreements. 
  • EndNote offers several pathways to some databases, such as Agricola. However, OSU Libraries may not have subscription access through each of these pathways.

For further assistance: