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Veterinary Medicine

Tools to help locate and use information in the veterinary sciences.

If you're working from off-campus and need to access subscription materials, you can quickly authenticate using your name.#. Here's how:

In Firefox:
Right-click on the following link, then select the "Bookmark This Link" option:

Off-Campus Sign-In service

In Safari:
Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar:

Off-Campus Sign-In service

In Internet Explorer:
Right-click on this link:

Off-Campus Sign-In service

Select the "Add to Favorites..." option. (You may be warned that you are adding a link which may be unsafe. You can click whichever option is required to continue.)

In Google Chrome:

Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar:

Off-Campus Sign-In service

You can create an Off-Campus Sign-In Bookmarklet on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch by viewing this page in your device's browser and following the steps below.

Note that this script is not compatible with Android phones.

Step 1: Copy this URL.


Step 2: Bookmark this page.

Tap the arrow icon at the bottom (iPhone) or top (iPad) of your browser window and then select Add Bookmark.

Screenshot showing how to bookmark this page on IPhone or iPad

You can change the name if you want (by default it will be called "Off-Campus Access - Veterinary Medicine - Research Guides at Ohio State University")  Save the bookmark to your browser's Bookmarks folder (or location of your choice), then tap "Save".

Step 3: Edit the Bookmark.

This is the important part. Tap the bookmarks button (it looks like an open book) at the bottom (iPhone) of the screen or top (iPad) of the screen. Then, tap "Edit". Find the bookmark you just saved (unless you changed the name, it will be titled "Off-Campus Access - Veterinary Medicine - Research Guides at Ohio State University") and tap it.

You now need to change the URL to the text you copied in Step 1. Tap the URL field (it begins with "http://"), then delete everything in it and paste the text you copied:


Then, tap Done" (iPhone) or the back arrow (iPad) to return to the list of bookmarks, and tap "Done" to exit edit mode.

Step 4: Access Things!

Now, when you are using your iPhone or iPad and follow a link into a web site that the library provides you access to, just tap the "Off-Campus Access " bookmarklet. If you have not logged in through the Libraries' website already, you will be redirected through OSU's authentication page. You will then be returned to the resource with access as if you were on campus.

Click below to authenticate right now:

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