Veterinary Medicine

Tools to help locate and use information in the veterinary sciences.
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Many courses have no required or recommended materials. The list of these courses can be found to the right.

Spring 2024 Recommended and Required Textbooks

Healthy Animals 2

VM 6210-Healthy Animals 2

VMCOLL 6613.04 - Thinking and Reasoning with Integrated Problems 2B (Wisecup)

Small animal:


Food animal:

VM 7526-Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

VM 7615.01-Small Animal Operative Practice

VCS 7718-Clinical Problem Solving & Treatment SAM 1

Choose one item from the two options listed below for this course.

VCS 7732 - Equine Lameness & Gait Abnormalities

VCS 7747 - Small Ruminant Medicine & Surgery

VCS 7775-Anesthesia Case Management

VPM 8613-Prevention of Metabolic Disease/Dairy Cattle Record Analysis

Fall 2023 Recommended and Required Textbooks

Healthy Animals

VM 6110 - Healthy Animals (Masty/Frasure)

VM 6310 Diseases & Diagnoses (Marsh)

VM 6310 Diseases & Diagnoses (Niewesk)

VM 6310 Diseases & Diagnoses (Burge)

VM 6310 Diseases & Diagnoses (Lin)

VM 6310 Diseases & Disorders (Schober)

VM 6610.02 - Applied Clinical Veterinary Parasitology (Marsh)

VM 6612 - Intro to Comparative Veterinary Ophthalmology (Metzler)

VM 7562 - Intro to Anesthesia (Aarnes)

VM 7563 - Intro to Surgery (McLoughlin/Wanstrath)

VM 7613 - Vet Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (Cooper)

VM 7615.01 - Small Animal Operative Practice (McLoughlin/Kievers/Carson)

VCS 7746 - Cattle Diseases (Niehaus)

VPM 7722 - Foodborne Diseases etc. (Habing)

VPM 7771 - Zoo & Wildlife Medicine II (Flint)

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Courses With No Required or Recommended Materials

See your syllabus and/or Carmen course page for links to readings for these courses.


VM 6200-DVM Experience 2
VM 6210-Healthy Animals 2
VM 6220-Healthy Populations 2
VM 6613.02-Integrated Problems 1-2    
VM 6614.02-Professional Developoment 1B
VM 6615.02-Communication & Collaboration    
VM 6616.02-Clin Skills 1B


VM 6410     Diseases & Diagnoses 1B
VM 6420     Population Medicine 1B
VM 6613.04    Thinking & Reasoning with Integrated Problems 2B
VM 6614.04     Professional Practice Development 2B
VM 6615.04    Communication & Collaboration 2B
VM 6616.04    Clin Skills 2B


VM 6611          VPM Med III: Public Vet Practice
VM 6635          VPM Med IV: Emerging Diseases 
VM 6614.06    Professional Development: 3B
VM 6616.06    Clin Skills  3B
VM 7526         Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
VM 7564         Clin Microbiology (Bugs & Drugs)


VCS 7723     ECC
VCS 7724     Feline Medicine
VCS 7732    Equine Lameness & Gait Abnormalities
VCS 7743     Basic Exotic Animals- Sm Mammals
VCS 7747    Small Ruminant Med & Surg     
VCS 7775    Anesthesia Case Management
VCS 7779     Equine Colic Team
VCS 7791    Small Animal Theriogenology
VCS 7793    Equine Theriogenology (Lecture only)
VCS 7794    Equine Theriogenology (Lab)
VPM 7700     Introduction to Aquatic Animal Medicine
VPM 7723    Biosecurity, ER response & Outbreak Invest.
VPM 7724.01    Environmental Health at the Human-Animal Interface
VPM 7760    "Opportunities in Global Veterinary Medicine and Public Health"
VPM 7770     Zoo & Wildlife Med
VPM 7773    Bovine Palpation
VPM 7774    Bovine Theriogenology
VPM 7776     Dairy Herd Mgt
VPM 7780     Vet Forensics
VPM 8613    Prevent Metabolic Dis/Dairy Cattle Record Anlys
VPM 8810     Advanced Concepts and Applications in Veterinary Epidemiology